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Jan 20 @ 1:31pm
In topic Headset
SteamVR supports any headsets that want to support it
So it will depend on the headset munfacture if they support it

For mobile devices there is an app made by someone that allow you to use SteamVR with a mobile device as much as i remmber
Jan 13 @ 2:40pm
In topic Request a Game
You can try to make more sound on ti with outher pepole that want it, and maybe get the company to hear it and do it
as well as ask on GOG maybe that will push them to alos relase it on Steam
Jan 4 @ 5:15pm
In topic Rift
Do you have the Oculus software installed and setup?
Jan 2 @ 4:11pm
In topic Progress bar for achivments
Hey any chance you can add some Progress bar for achivments, i like to know how close or far i am to unlock them
Once like the KO 1000 is pretty despering when you don't even know how much you have for now

What you guys think?
Originally posted by John:
Why the "up to 10$" section is translated to up to 40 ILS when 1$ = less then 3.5 ils?
What is the ILS to USD convertion rate valve uses?
Again its not Conversion that is kind of the issue, its set prices
Same for the cards, they use the dollar as a very general basic
Dec 30, 2017 @ 6:16pm
In topic Please price in NIS
Hey guys please price in NIS, right now no price in NIS, so no one here can buy it

Also FYI the recommended Valve price is overpriced, so recommend you do research your self for the price
Dec 30, 2017 @ 6:11pm
In topic Price in polish zloty
Same with price in NIS

Also FYI for DEv, the price Valve recommend seem to be somewhat overpriced, its over the price of the dollar, that does not seem to make sense for prices for us
Dec 30, 2017 @ 8:18am
In topic No pricing in NIS at these time?
Hey guys there seem to be no NIS pricing on these game right now, so players here cant buy the game, you may want to look into it

And FYI the recommended Valve price seem to be somewhat over priced, so you may want to do research on your own
Dec 30, 2017 @ 8:16am
In topic No pricing for NIS
Hey guys so it seems you got no price for NIS at these time, you may want to look into fixing it if someone here is to want to buy your game

I also like to point out you may want to research your pricing alone, recommended Valve prices at these time seem to be higher than USD prices that seem not really logical seeing that you earn less in NIS then what the average gets in USD
Originally posted by DoomBuster:
Did you, by any chance, speak about the subject on your Youtube channel? Might help and give us something to share.
That be a great idea, the more it comes out in more places the more it will pop on searchs and stuff that will help to get it pass
Dec 26, 2017 @ 4:53am
In topic Tradewinds 2
Is these the last time you asked about it?

Where did you buy the game? on Steam or else where?
Is it possible you have 2 accounts?
Dec 26, 2017 @ 4:42am
In topic No NIS price?
Hey guys just want to point out, there is no NIS price for the game at these time, so pepole that use NIS cant get the game if they want to, you may want to fix it

Also just FYI the Steam recommnded price from Valve is higher then the conversion rare from USD to NIS, that gets some of the guys using NIS very unhappy with the change, so you may want to also look into the pricing your self
Most devs did seem to go with the recommnded price any how, but just so you be awear of it
Dec 26, 2017 @ 3:53am
In topic Getting more Cloud Storage?
Originally posted by Zetikla:
technically is it even possible of running out of cloud storage?

assuming you upload no screenshots and anything, just purely using it for game data
Then not really, as like was said then its per a game
If you do screenshots how ever and art work then yes, its very very possible
Dec 24, 2017 @ 11:48am
In topic noob question about vr tags
Originally posted by Curs0:
Hi Black, you're right: I managed it to work... somehow :D
thanks for your reply!
Maybe it just taken a little time to update
Originally posted by Ornn:
alright, so what is the solution you propose?
I don't accept your reasoning per se, but i'd rather discuss solutions than to waste time pointing out the flaws in each other's logic.
If you see a fale in my logic il be more then glad to fill them up if i am able to

On any case to communicate stright to the big devs and publishers about the prices, if we get some of them to take a look, we may get the smaller guys to do something about it at least for later
If relevent and possible games that one may useally take in day one price, to wait for a sale or lower prices, to show the prices are too high that is harming the users, and the publisher/developers will do something about it

If we get some big boys at the very least to recount the prices for are contry i think we can get Valve to understand it as well and get on to change the recommnded price

Beside that these is some matter that is kind of an issue really, to buy from developers that give a fair price or even a better prices if the game is relvent for the gamer
Also if possible asking Developers and Publishers what they did to set that prices, to make sure we make a load enugth sound to pass over the dam support guys, and into the company it self to the guys that know who reallly set the prices, and not the support guys that keep saying its Valve that is in all honstly BS
Dec 23, 2017 @ 9:58am
In topic noob question about vr tags
Hey guys not sure if it was all ready answerd or you solve it your self
But from what i can see you are on the list all ready:
Originally posted by Ornn:
Exactly, it's my choice and i choose not to buy from Steam with the current price scheme.
All i (and everyone else here) am doing is trying to raise awareness to the issue, because the only way us consumers have any real power is if we band together in numbers big enough to make a financial difference.
I would have thought it was obvious.. Seems i was wrong.
You say you don't care but you need to care, if lets just say someone ask you and you blame the worng party you may pull as all to have no change

If the Publishers/Developers think they can earn more from us they will do it, and how its now as long as some users keep buying here, and outhers go an buy from else where, there payment in the end will be the same or higher

Think about it like these, you used to buy a game here for 40$, now you buy the same game from the same publisher/developer else where, they get the same profit most likely from both sites (Yes also Humble Bundle)
See if outher user buy on the higher price here (and hands down, there are at the very least a few that do that)
The Dev/Pubs profit will end up the same or higher, so they will have no reaosn to go and chagne the price

And if we go even beyond that and lets say the dollar drops in the next few years, or rises really high, in both cases if it will go over the 10% of are price, will not be able to get gift copys of games from the US (And there may also be a chance that it will be the same for the keys, but i am not sure on that one)

Its importent we do care who is to blame, and who can change it, and not just say "I dont care just change it" as that will likely result in no change what so ever
Sadly i don't think it dose
But you can use a Mic on USB or take out a mic socket on USB
Originally posted by Task Force 131:
you can buy game form other websites that only option that you would have

sorry about that ..
As long as its sold there

Originally posted by Ornn:
I stayed true to my word and did not buy anything from Steam ever since the change of currency. I can only hope others did the same.
And as for the whole "Valve is not in charge of prices", it's either untrue or irrelevant because other websites (including developer websites) and sale platforms did not increase their prices or change the currency.
I keep my word as well, only got one game that was about to be removed, nothing beyond that (and only as it was not sold anywhere else)

Its true, and yes it is relevant to some extent
First of all, others did not add currency yet
Second They cant increase the price if they only have one set price, and to point out some are pricing us with Euros that is honestly worst as we get the EU pricing that is worst even then the price we got on average on the Steam store in NIS, I say on average as some did work the prices to be fairer, and some did do the EU prices

Only part Valve is in charge and is responsible for is the set of the recommended price to be higher than USD (for who knows why), but even if lets say Valve did go out and change the recommended prices that will only affect games that will come later and even more only once that go with the recommended price, as long as the Publisher/Developer does not go out and work to set the price right, including in fixing past prices

And it's important to keep it in mind or you have two things happen
1. Developers that don't care much about been honest will just roll the fault on Valve and do nothing about it (One I know will do it will be Disney that after contacting there support more than once keep trying to cast the blame on someone else, even after providing proof its on them to do something about it)

2. Even if Valve change it, its unlikely to help us much if Developers/Publishers will pick not to go with it

If we are to change it, we need to show them what is the right price, and that not doing so will harm their profits overall, and the once that need to be affected are the one that can change it
And that is the publishers/developers that have the final say on the pricing, not Valve that only gives the recommended price, and like I said before if Valve does give a new recommended price it will only help where the publisher will take the time to change it, that again puts the ball in their hands

It's clearly easier for the publisher and dev to say its Valve
And for us to try to blame Valve, and shot on them, even if it likely not going to help much, as the ball is in the devs and pubs and they are the one that will need to do work to get it fixed
And if you think we need to get back to USD again the chance to that is pretty much 0, so I don't even think we need to have it on the table, that will just be a waste of power and effort
Dec 21, 2017 @ 1:01am
In topic Suggestions!
Originally posted by Bert_:
You never said man? Why did you never say women? EQUALITY.
becouse of Equality obvisly, not calling out any of them
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