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Jul 22 @ 11:40am
In topic 3-in-1 Cable issues
Sounds odd, is the USB connected to a USB 3 or USB 2?
Are you sure its connected right inside the headset?

When i heard stuff like these it always was the connecsion problem, or with the link box, but if you say it works fine with the old cable that is unlikely
Jul 18 @ 4:51am
In topic Can i play it without VR?
Originally posted by Juris 3D:
Sad to hear that non-VR is not in plans. Other developers are more open to wider audience ("Bad Day To Fly", for example). If nothing else, maybe developer later will be interesed in more customers for his game. I imagine, percentage of PC gamers -with- VR sets is, I dunno, 1 percent, maybe?
Less then that, but it will grow, VR is just starting, but as one that uses one pretty daily, I think it's most likely going to be how we do most of the stuff later on, if the Dev wants to sell to more people he can just wait for the market to grow, making a game for flat and VR is likely going to take some of what a game can offer when it focus on one thing
Jul 13 @ 10:28am
In topic Steam VR Home Feedbacks and a bug
Originally posted by SM Sith Lord:
I'd like to suggest for #2, let us spawn 3D objects as shortcuts to our games rather than just giving us a 2D list to scroll through. It's much more efficient in VR to *not* scroll thru lists and just teleport over to your shortcut instead.
I do agree, will be even better I think if they allow it to be maybe the objects you get now to use as shortcuts as well, so, for example, the SuperHot one can be used as just a prop, or you will also be able to use it as a Shortcut to the game
Jul 13 @ 10:23am
In topic HTC Vive OR Oculous Rift Plus Controllers
cords for me arnt really a big deal, unless i spin around over and over. doubt that would be a problem thiugh.
I think cors he means more for the cammras then the Rift it self
Any how wireless is likely coming for the rift soon as well
If you turn on the camera settings inside SteamVR settings in the Desktop you can double click the System button to have Tron Mode turn on
You also got System + Menu that will turn on pairing mode (that you likely don't want to use as long as you don't have an issue connecting)

As much as I know that is the only shortcuts that exist (including what RanXerox said)
Jul 6 @ 5:10pm
In topic Are Summer Sale Card Drops biased ?
Well I do remember reading somewhere that statics are all good and nice, but they do not really apply to reality
If you take a 6 sides cube and toss it over and over again, you are likely to hit uneven numbers if you look at reality and not the math of it
Same if you just set the PC to run random numbers then run it 100000000 times

So i think its more than possible without been biased
That is kind of the idea in it, not sure how well it will work with that game however never tired
Sorry, are you talking abut the Rift? on SteamVR forums that are on Steam, that is owned by Valve, that is working on the HTC Vive?
I think you may want to post Rift CV1 suggestions in the Oculus forums at least if you want someone to do something abut them

Also, BTW Vive works better with the glasses, however the issue of the Resolution is the same
Jul 6 @ 4:45pm
In topic Fan Games
Depends what you mean abut it
Originally posted by dhruv2311:
I am still stuck at this stage for more than 3 days. I have done almost all troubleshooting possible for base station and steamvr tracking hdk kit.
I also tried factory reset on base station. from link below.
after all troubleshooting, it points to watchman module.

-->Is there anyway I can factory reset watchman core? (there is nothing to loose other than the JSON file)
Sorry for delay, hope you may have found something
I do think there is a way to do it, but sadly i cant remember where i seen it, and how to do it :(
Jul 4 @ 1:34am
In topic Steam Summer Sticker Glitch?
I think its till you finsh the amount that task happen

Any how there is a sticker limit so it dose not really matter if you get too many
Originally posted by CanIbiteYou?:
well dude, just proving my point, and hey, another guy added me btw last night with questions about oculus, guess its not a bad thing. and to be honest, i am highly enjoying the helpless comments.

props for using autism as an insult.
Well case closed i guess
These dose not sound like someone subjective trying to help
These sounds like someone trying to get a reacsion
Like Trolls do
Feeding done, the true skin was shown nothing to do here no more
Jul 2 @ 6:23am
In topic username history to clear
I think you can also switch same 2 names over and over
Also after some years the list gets cleaned out
Jul 2 @ 4:22am
In topic Steam monthly survey suggestions
Just to point out its not a monthly survey its a random one

Originally posted by El Presidente:
Fake data just like President Trump's fake news.
First please don't push stupid poltics to here
Second you welcome to sue them if you can prove its false and not just talk abut it
3rd what do they have to sell when the data is accseble by the public?
Jul 2 @ 1:13am
In topic Here's a suggestion...
I refresh Steam a few time it never taken half an hour

You can install games anywhere as Saturo pointed out

A ligher clinet for users that only want the game i think will be a nice thing, even that the new GUI that seem is on its way may help on the matter
Jul 1 @ 9:03pm
In topic SteamVR interferes with Teamspeak.
Maybe be a silly idea
But is it possible the PC just cant handel TS and SteamVR in the same time?

(And side note why use TeamSpeak when discord exsits? )
Originally posted by Insanity Wolf-Chan:
No. Big Picture starts when you press the button in the center, regardless of whether you are using Steam or not. You just need Steam running in the background, and it will hijack your computer when you press the middle button for any reason.

And Volvo will do nothing about this because they don't give a crap.
I think it changed a few times from the start of it coming in, from not working if Steam is not the active window, to Working after 10 seconds even without

I am pretty sure you can also find the changed in the updates of the Steam Clinet Beta
Jun 29 @ 10:48am
In topic Add "Add to Cart button" on Wishlist page
I think its likely they want you to pass on the store so they can say basically that you had to pass there, so you had to read the specs and the like before you buy
So one will not say later they got the worng game or the like

But hell i may be wrong and it may just be a n over sight
Jun 29 @ 10:35am
In topic Workshop Uploads
I think you much better asking on the Workshop area of the game you are working with, there more likely to know there
Man, you keep saying "i am going to stop replying" yet come back to reply

I like to have a closer here all ready
@OP you admitted on been a fanboy, so i do not get why you try to take what you your self are as a bad thing:
Originally posted by CanIbiteYou?:
The sure bad thing about oculus exclusives thats due vive fanboyism-reaction
So you know if someone like they can say something like these just as much:
The sure bad thing about Vive amazing room scale tracking thats due Rift fanboyism-reaction
Or on anything else

And as you said, i also all ready said what is bad abut the exclusives, that its simply is not for the users, and no matter how you roll it, there is noting good abut exclusives for the users

Main point is all you can keep rolling around is the exclusives games on the Oculus store, and that is impotent to remind you on the OP topic what you try to state that the Rift is basically much better then the Vive, that its not, and its main advantage is games... that it self locked behind a wall

You cant come and try to make a point a plus, and when someone turn it around say that its not relevant, like saying that Facebook is helping developers (after taking away there ability to sell to a broader public) but ignoring it when HTC and Valve are doing it (without locking the devs behind walls)
Or that you need not to support one company, then try to push a company that only allows you to buy there own headset, for a store that only supports there headset, compere to a store that allows you to buy any headset to use with it

Revive may have been a little mess on the start, but now its so easy anyone can do it without any issue what so ever, and so far anything i try with it had no issues what so ever, there may be a few, but you can say the same for games on the Rift that are on OpenVR/SteamVR and where made for the Vive so the controllers don't fit, or it dose not work all that well

About AAA lets see where it come from:
Originally posted by Wikipedia:
The term "AAA" began to be used in the late 1990s, with some development companies started using the expression at gaming conventions in the US.

Honstly AAA means nothing, what matters is what games are good, no matter how much someone toss on them, or how much it was worked on, i mean a AAA game that was work for many years can yet be horrible
For an exsample here is a triple A game that was worked on for a few good years:
Originally posted by Wikipedia:
Ride to Hell: Retribution is an action-adventure game developed by Eutechnyx and published by Deep Silver. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Originally announced in 2008, the game was cancelled later the same year. The game was later re-announced in 2013 after classification was shown in the Australian Classification Board.

Ride to Hell was critically panned to the point where it is considered one of the worst video games ever, with very low review scores by Metacritic and GameRankings. Upon its release, the game was criticized for its broken gameplay, poor controls, voice acting, writing, offensive portrayal of women, and dropping the originally planned open-world concept in favour of a linear layout.
Yap... lovely AAA means so much

So please stop trying to wave AAA as something that means... anything for the users of games, it really dose not have any thing to it...

Closing point, it can be your subjective opinion, but any, and i mean any BS in it will be called out, and counter by others
More over you cant pick up the "Subjective opinion" shield up if you going to try to push away others "subjective opinion"

And again let me point out the title is "Dont go with Vive and Steam, if you are still deciding" not go with the Ocluos, not the "Oculus is great", but don't go with the Vive, you are not trying to say that the Ocluos is worth to go to, you are saying don't go with the Vive
That means a lot, and yes you will be proven wrong on a subject like that
What that is, is the same as locking away games from others, you are not showing the Rift is worth more, your just trying to show the Vive is worth less

So again you will be proven wrong, If you really wanted to have a good talk here, you start the topic with talking abut why you think the Rift is better, not why the Vive is worst
Take some time to think about it

Where i live we had elections not long ago, and honestly it was sad, as where i live its kind of like you have one guy that can be the president (If it was in the US), as every one else just dose not fit, and every one will admit it, its not like his the best, his just the best that is on offer
Point is when the voting got close and the ads come up it was basically like these:
His side: "These guy is good for the country", "Only these can be the president", "These is the greatest choose" (You know the normal political blabber
The Other side: "That guy will be horrible, so take are dude", "That guy is danger, so take are dude", "That guy wants only things for him self, so take are dude"
Point is they attacked, as they had nothing good to say abut there own dudes, it was just sad to see that they cant find any good reason for there dudes to be the president, so they have to call down on the other to try to make theirs look better
That is what you are doing here, and honestly its sad, i mean as a few here pointed out, the Rift is not a bad system by any means, it has some great advantages of its own like its light wight, and price
When you are going aginest the Vive as in calling it bad, you are not making the Rift look better, and honestly you are giving a bad image to it, as if you need to attack the composition in place of trying to show what makes your own headset great, you clearly don't think your headset is that great, when its as i said great, for some

To finish it, i like to look back, on the headsets, they each are ok with there friends, they each are wearing the others logo on there back:

And that show something if they meant it or not, each was to there own, they did not change it, as they don't need to change it, they fight for there own right to be the best, not the one better from the other

You more then welcome to stay, you are more then welcome to discuss and talk, but if you going to do that stay respectful of both headsets, i think most here will not try to push the headset on you, and will ask not to try to push the headset on them, just as much.
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