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Release Half Life 3 all ready!
First that is not a question, second of all i do not work for Valve so i really have no clue when it will come out

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My Nick name is Black Blade, how ever if you like to get more personal you can call me Drak, its the name behind the nick name

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I am kind of sad i do have to rate these virtual art down, it had some good things abut it (that il get to later) But the over all experience, was not something i can say i will have buy if i know what i seen now
I do think these can become better with a little things, but then it may not be as the Dev meant for it to be, and there for these is just my opinion on the matter and dose not count to nothing else beyond that
I will also like to note starting these review, i got it for free on a Giveaway, and did not pay for it

First of all i want to say i think the idea in these experience is really good
Second of all the i really did like the music
Third the way they present the different aspects was made pretty well

Now where i find the game weak point to me at least
1. The teleportation in most cases, set my room on its side i have a room that is abut 3x2 meters, so by giving me the shorter side of the room first, i was unable to really walk beyond just a little bit, meaning i used Teleport pretty much for every small movement, also i do not think i was able to just "walk" my self using the touch pad that may have also helped in these case..

2. From one part to the second part i had to jump back into the waiting room, that really taken me out of what ever was felt so far, i think making something like clouds or something there to show so you do not see the waiting room may help

3. There is long parts that have you reading text, that over all i am fine with, expect that sometimes the text showed in the edge of my play space, and there for i had to walk to the end, and was not always able to see what it says there or at least it made it harder to read when the text was long
On the subject of text, the music worked well, but i do think that small sounds in some of the parts may help, maybe adding someone really saying stuff when they talk, or add just some sound effects like door closing or crying, i think that can add much to that

4. The last "Boss": I like the idea of the ending of the game, the way it was down how ever i found very bland, after a build up of how they show every thing else, i was expecting more then what was given as the last boss

End of review: I think these experience has a lot of great ideas, and something that is not really seen before, but the excision sadly is not taking it to its full potential

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