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                        This is a box. This box is full of info.
       Drawings are 1 key NOW FREE COS IM SHIT, to request one, add me and tell me your:
                          Class (+team) | Cosmetics (+paint) | Unusual effect | Background

                                 I'm also doing SFM posters for free, same info as above.
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UGC Highlander s20: Meme harbour lol - Pyro - dont know (very bad)
UGC Highlander s21: BAM and the dirt is gone - Pyro - 3rd place
UGC Highlander s22: Yoga Pants - Pyro - 1st place
{ParAdoX} : that unusual pyro really wants me dead
Bizink : i want everyone dead ;)
DaddyDarshUniverse : thats the pyro spirit

Wednesday, 28 December 2016
9:15 PM - Max ;): daddy
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5:32 PM - immature amateur sen: Ah
5:32 PM - immature amateur sen: Like i just said
5:32 PM - immature amateur sen:
5:32 PM - immature amateur sen: Wait

4:09 pm - yung vic: its not rape if im crying too...

Cataphrakt : you cant be friends with people in russia

Livi: I am very good at punishing small children

7:51 PM - Skunde: im tryna get the telekinesis spell so i can hurt people with tomoatoes

*DEAD* imiss : id suck off a dead cow for a pocket tbh

Max: I just ate cereal with a crayon
          I used to think pressing the 'End' button on my keyboard would destroy my computer.
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❤ Allusan ❤ Oct 8 @ 3:54am 
Hello i wanted to add you because why not. Well actually i like your YT vids and stuff
Oswin | Oct 4 @ 6:16pm 
Hey, could you make a drawing for me?
Jack Skellitton Sep 22 @ 2:58am 
hello! sorry for scare, but just notice profile on the Steam Community. you know how hard it are to find girls who play video game nowadays??? well, Im glad I stumble apon this little prof cause I gotta say.... ur prety cute!! ^^ ((sorry for scare, no trouble ) well... I was wondering if u wanted to play tf2 with me (Im a plat sniper, so I can carry my little princes if need. =-}) CUZ I really want someone to pub wit me.. hey hey, maybe even I could get you unusual as little gift. you like Buring? Me too, me too. anyways any, do you maybe have Skype? (no scare. no scare, I iust like meating eye to eye.) if we skype, I think we could have some good buddy commucation. :)) ( i can even turn down my dubstep music in the background if you want...) add me if you want please, I jsit need friend maybe even girlfriend, to play video with.m I can be the perfect guy for you, trust!! ill buy whatever, do whatever, okay?? jsit pick up that phone and CALL. :)
7529753 Sep 18 @ 5:08pm 
Thanks for using Luna's level up service! Have a great day!
bonquu Sep 12 @ 11:16pm 
Added you, because I was interested in a drawing
0range Sep 10 @ 12:45am 
nice profile blyat