Owlites "The Lionheart"
Leonardo Ramalho   Silves, Faro, Portugal
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Hello, thanks for reading this! Name's Owlites, for those who know me for some long time i'm also MacBirdie. I mainly play Mount and Blade: Warband and Spiral Knights, my favorite games on steam :D
Besides SK and M&B i also play Europa Universalis IV, Company of Heroes and Empire: Total War - I love history related games. And if you found out that i play Skyrim lemme just awnser that question that goes on your mind - Imperial.


As a M&B player: You will probably find me playing in PW (Persistent World) servers because it is one of my favorites mods for the game, i was once part of an all-portuguese regiment, we had some fun for awhile till it got dismantled. Right now im working on a reskin for NW and occasionally i participate in some regiment events for the Loyal Lusitanian Legion (L.L.L.).

As a SK player: I'm an avid player of SK with "some" hours of gameplay. I've finished the game's storyline and now my duty is to fill my Arsenal with weapons and gear, get to all places Cradle as to offer and help out the occasionally newbie in the Town Center asking for help against the Snarby, and also i'm an Officer in the Lionheart guild. Right now i'm working on a light novel inspired in SK called "Shadow over Haven", i will upload the first chapter soon in the Spiral Knights forum


M&B name: Otto von Bismarck / Owlites (M&B and NW servers); Master Owlites (PW servers)
SK name: Macbirdie


Portrait: My Knight from Spiral Knights drawn by Iceyangel109 →↓
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067905452/ ← ← ← ←
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Im on a trip... 10 days or smth like that... I'll try to login as often as possible, but idk -.-''
Happy easter everyone!! :D