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dragon2230 : somebody kick blue im tired of hearing porno

4:13 PM - B l u e°: no bro, she didn't want to get laid with someone who has 7in she wants someone with 4in
4:13 PM - B l u e°: go get her fil
4:13 PM - Fil Boy: Stop mines like 4.5
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Lil FilBoy Aug 3 @ 11:14pm 
Bitch that's nothing. I filled up my 100 EB drive with midget porn
Yung Blue Aug 3 @ 11:10pm 
Pfft 300 GB? That's rookie numbers try my 2TB Hard Drive of Teen Creampies
Demented Aug 3 @ 11:06pm 
You're porn is outdated boy. Let me show you my 300 gigabyte hard drive full of pokemon porn
Yung Blue Jul 24 @ 8:53pm 
False Review. I despise furries so there's no reason for me to be one also I'm only part of FBI so they dont get suspicious of things.
xddd Jul 24 @ 8:21pm 
Alright Slushy back with another review. Today Im going to be reviewing the meme known as "BlueToothBear".
Ok so at first I didn't really find this meme that great but as time went on I was able to tell that it was autistic, and not in a good way.

- Funny
- Thats about it

- No dick
- A Bear
- Apart of the FBI don't fall for his deceiving ways
- Also a furry

Yeah, but the this meme is decent just a little sad that I didn't get anal fucking I was promised. Being a furry isn't that bad, but he never gave me anal fucking I was promised. I would give this meme a 6/10. A little spice but not enough. Anyways hope you find this review helpful. Slushy Out.
xddd Jul 13 @ 11:27pm 
np fam