"The greatest gold in the world, is a persons attention.... But have you, brought me a penny?"

About myself

-I am a male.
- Just another user of steam
- I really love to give my own opinions, please respect them and I will respect yours.
-I love to chat, play games, and maybe, just maybe RP, it's rare nowadays but still a thing
-I'm really nice! Might not look on here but once you get to know for a bit you'll see my good side!

Good games I personally like

Postal 2 - Hilarious game, especially if played with a friend! Really worth it.
Elite Dangerous - I kind of like space games, this is one of them, yes the
Reviews may be quite mixed, but look at their hours, they had a lot of time to have fun.
(Not like those 10 hour games)
Darkest Dungeon - If I had a chance, I would put all the narrators quotes right here....
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Want to lose friends IRL? This games for you.

Some small rules and notices

Do not add me me just for rp/erp or any other stupid reasons like that.

I am a really open person, I am ok with any question, and don't be shy, the
more serious it is, the more it shows that you are open to me.

If I have anything that says I am busy on my name please do not message
me, it makes me a bit stressed knowing I can't answer someone.

Do not get me involved into your drama, at least if I don't know you that well.

DO NOT LIE, I hate people who wear second masks, if I find out you lied,
then you lost me.

Last words

I have oc info, more personal info, etc that hasn't been said here, if you want to know more then get to know me!

People are blind to reality, and only see
what they want to see... I have big expectations.

And will I get my penny ;c ? Betty want penny! Please...
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