Rootin Tootin Sp.Ed
Wedgelor   Pennsylvania, United States
"Anyone can make an error, Ensign. But that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."

"The man who dies rich, dies disgraced."

"I don't fear those that kill the flesh, I fear those that kill the soul" - Alex Jones

Diet Coke!? Come on, you slob ! Drink some beer or carb-loaded Coca Cola to get that hog gut even fatter, piggy! OINK

"Noone wedgies Wedgelor!"

Sumus hic morte, nostra sanctos deus

Grnap Borbolox

Getting down and dirty with a procyon lotor
Got no people skills but he's good with motors

That weird thing by his side an infantilized sequoia
The two of them walk by, people say "Oh boy-a"

They ask me why I'm bringin'
A baby into battle

"Thats really irresponsible"
And getting them rattled

I say "Give me a break
Get off my back dammit"

I didn't learn parenting
My daddy was a planet

Zardu Hasselfrau (x2)

"It's that the crates replaced all progression. You can unlock absolutely zero things besides loot crates."

"Yea you progress by unlocking crates. You also level up each class and unlock more card slots which is progression. You also level up your account through play as well. I guess that isn't progression though. Remember how much progression the 2005 Battlefront had? Yea I don't remember much progression in it either, must be a really dogshit game am I right boys?"


I really don't think people are looking at the big fucking picture. The picture is fucking huge by the way. We all wanted a new Battlefront and so EA and Friends delivered by giving us that sub par crap game in 2015. Everyone cried about the season pass and dlc even when EA gave us a couple free maps and a new gamemode for free. Now EA has chosen to give everyone the Battlefront with the gameplay we have been waiting for. It is a fun game that is reminiscent of the old games while still feeling new and fun. They are also giving everyone who purchased the game $40+ dollars in free dlc, but with the added microtransactions. Now everyone is crying about microtransactions that games like TF2 have had for years. Now because EA did it it's only just now being considered gambling and wrong? It's like you fucking idiots just now crawled out from under your fucking rocks and saw this shit. EA isn't copying mobile games, they are copying successful games like CS:GO (A game which costs $15 and has microtransactions that no one fucking cares about but still buy anyways) and TF2. Where have you fucking idiots been the past 6 years? Also anyone who thinks this shit is pay to win is a fucking knuckledragging mongoloid. You might be saying, "But it is pay to win! Boba Fett gets tons of damage resistance when he uses one of his abilities!" First of all buddy, when that fuck is in the air it is really hard to hit him anyways. Second of all, the ability lasts a short amount of time making his invincibility window about as long as Armor Lock from Halo Reach would last you. Third of all (this one might shock you) heroes die really fast in this fucking game(which you circlejerking idiots would know had you actually played it), if anything he needs some damage res built into that ability to give him a little more strength in a fight against multiple enemies. I don't like the microtransactions that much really but I can pay for crates with in game money that is earned through play (very easily I must add) and there will likely be crates you get for completing challenges and events as well. You cannot seriously compare this game with mobile games, because that is a totally unreal comparison. Also anyone who has played more than an hour and says it is pay to win and blames their innate lack of skill or intelligence on it needs to quit being a fucking pansy, grow a pair, and start playing smarter and better.
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