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Hey! I see you're snooping on my profile. If ya' want to add me, why don't you put a reason why in my comment section?
Also, Just call me Mint.
I will NOT accept 0 level or private people.

Things I do:
I help people, like new players in TF2.
I like to play, and do Chat RPs (Roleplay, but in the Steam Chatbox)


Name: Benny.
Abilities: Sneak mode, Invisability and Dash.
Personality: Generous, Nice and cute

Name: ๖ۣۜGreen
Brother: ๖ۣۜRed
Personality: Cute and Smart

Name Mint
Color: Light Blue
Animal Type: Rabbit
Personality: Quick and Sneaky
Currently Online
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Welcome to your doom.
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◄Minty► | Asleep Jun 14 @ 8:33am 
MrBird Jun 12 @ 1:19pm 
"It has come to my attention that you are one of the drifters of this streek wasteland? Do guide us with your devine and holy light, and scorch the darkness that crawls on my body, and light the path that binds to our souls"
Either way, this is a way of saying tanks for you being with me through the years C=
Spygirl(Neha) Jun 11 @ 11:05am 
++++++REP thanx for gifting me 2 hats, Jesus will help u in life
[MG] Flames Jun 2 @ 1:07pm 
+rep awesome staff member - good at being a slave
◄Minty► | Asleep May 28 @ 12:28pm 
Nice silent delete .w.
Doh May 7 @ 11:23am 
+rep ass fucked me.