Lady Lorsuma
Bell   Anaconda, Montana, United States
•♦• Lame covers •♦•

Just a weirdo who thinks she's immortal.

This weird handsom British person owns the S.S. Friendship with me.
And my bestfriend is a butt head.

「A scream that hides in the lungs. Hides within your flesh and bones. There is no way for a cure. It becomes a disease」

You're forcing me give my heart to someone else. . .
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Survivor and Killer information stuff!

Thanks for stumbling onto my profile! Whether it's to check what kind of survivor I am,
or to leave a salty comment after a killer game, I'm more than happy to give info!


So here's some info to you, Killer:

I don't sabotage unless it's a daily.
I will let you have last hit unless you're a "silly" killer.
I will try my hardest not to BM, but let me know after if I do.
I won't farm unless you signal to me that you want to.
I'm just here to have fun, so don't expect a lot of salt from me.
Thanks for putting up with survivor mains.


Some info to you, Survivor, who wanted to check this shitty killer out:

I will never camp. I know that pain all too well.
If it seems like I'm tunneling it's only cus you're the only person I see.
Or you killed (sabotaged) my children (bear traps), you MONSTER!
If I gave you the hatch, it's cus you weren't as bothersome or a good player.
I try to never kill survivors and if I do, it was an accident or I reached rank 10.
Once I reach rank 10, that's when I don't care if people live or die in my games.
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Trading games for games. Cards for cards. Games for cards. Cards for games!
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Tea party for the awesome Derplings
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