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The hardest thing you will ever have to do, my friend, is grieve the loss of someone who is still alive
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Lucid ☁
Hello I am ๖ۣۜ§¢øŗƥįø or luciid☁

Before you add me please comment why you are adding me. If you fail to do so I will not accept.

My pride is stronger than my emotions. I can think about you 24/7/365 and you still wont hear from me. <3

My Sniper, Scout, and Soldier [] Created by ^Theo


Usually I am pretty relaxed and laid back. Pretty easy to get along with and fun to be around, most of the time. I enjoy making new friends and just hanging out. If you want to add me for whatever reason feel free to do so. If I am play TF2 I am usually either rocket jumping, mgeing, pubbing, doing lobbies with my some of my team members. I do play Competive TF2.

Please don't waste your time pouring your salt into my my comments. You're wasting your time because I literally do not care.

Couple of shout outs


And a shout out to Christopher Walken's sister

Other Stuff:

High School in a nut shell

You know you want to do it

Favorite Quotes from Movies, Games, TV Shows, Music, Friends, Inspirational etc.


"Haha gotcha ya" - Cole (Gears of War)

"Pansy ass pansy gays" -Rick Vice

"If you ain't first, you're last." -Ricky Bobby

"You can put a crack in my arm, like the crack in the Liberty Bell." -Ricky Bobby

Combustible Lemon (BG-M): I don't think I've seen one thing in chat from you that hasn't been a threat, insult, or taunt (Lemon is a cool guy)

"Get in his grill" -Stargazer 2016

Carried as Sniper:
Lucid ☁ : I can only do so much as sniper
TheMedicMann : lel^
*DEAD* Gimp : you're mvp lucid
Sir Ornuth left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Darth_Clone_5 was automatically assigned to team BLU
*DEAD* Gimp : ty

Boys : If you guys didn't have that med pocketing that guy(me) this would be over by now

(noob)DarkMage : If I remember correctly lexi you where calling your team trash before the guy with the australium(me) joined


"I eat ass and spit shit" -HoodedSkeleton

(Context: Snakewater. Me and a medic are pushing second point on red. My med ubers and I rocket jump towards their med and market garden him. Was a great casual match. Also he's a good sniper ;) )
(Voice) Glaistig Uaine: MEDIC!
*DEAD* luciid☁ : Worth
*DEAD* walter : yo red do you see this score distribution
*DEAD* schvetania : yes
walter : luciid made up for every headshot you took with that

*DEAD* Cancer Pyro Main : Luciid, your pretty damn good at sniper
*DEAD* Cancer Pyro Main : I had a tougher time fighting you than i did dr.lovecat

To be continued...

Wall of Salt:

_SilKy : Any comp Pyro is hard

Christopher Walken : if we are basing this off of scrims, deacon is an open spy

matt: -rep, very inconsistent player, will not talk in mumble, will ragequit mid game. do not recruit for team.

9:16 PM - Hornet: tell scorpio my birthday present was reflecting his rocket in his face
9:16 PM - Hornet: cya kid

The fact that Sept thinks he's a High Silver-Low Gold Medic.

[VIP] [BG] [skrNR] TrailTracker101 : no hes an idiot

odg #teamdisconnect : lucid is such a fucking faggot

She Succ Me : FUCK ME
(Voice) Thawinghail314: Spy!

*DEAD* She Succ Me : lucid the sticky spamming tryhard cunt
DaFurryJoe ッ left the game (Disconnect by user.)
*DEAD* She Succ Me : jerks off to his ks

{Dez Bois} r0aStEd : lucid is just some edgy child
Lüt : lmao
{Dez Bois} r0aStEd : He thinks he is cool

To be continued...

Competitive Experience:

Ring me if you want to. Just tell me the divison, map, and time (EST).

***NOTE- I will prioritize my friends and family over a comp game or scrim, so if this is a problem I adive you find some else to play for you***

Current main: Sniper
Past mains: Scout, Sniper, Soldier (Order from most recent to older, left to right.)



BMK - Iron Season 15- Soldier/Sniper [Main] (Had to switch to Sniper, because Joe has an IQ of a peanut, smh.) (4W-4L) - Team Leader

ApeSkwad - Steel Season 17- Sniper [Main] (Quit week 2 because team was bad)

Girlz and Gigglez - Steel Season 17 - ??? [Main/Sub] (Have no idea what I main/sub for them...Anyways, I quit this team for many reasons.) (3W-3l)

Spaghett about it e-sp - Silver Season 17 [Sniper Sub] (Joined at the last minute of the season.) (?W-?L) (Don't remember)

Casual Cursadeders - Steel Season 18 Scout/Sniper [Main] (5W-3L) (Best HL team I've been on so far)

Casual Cursadeders - Steel Season 19 Scout [Main] (5W-4L) 13th place made playoffs.

Casual Cursadeders - Steel Season 20 Scout [Main] (6W-3L) 7th place made playoffs.

DoofedUpWieners - Silver Season 21 Sniper/Scout [Sub] (?W-?L) (More of a ringer than sub.

BMK! - Steel Season 22 Sniper [Main] (?W-?L) - Team leader -Current



Niggas wit Autism - Steel Season 19 - [Main] Roamer/Scout (4W-4L)

Off class Adventures - Iron Season 20 - [Main] Soldier (2W?-???L) (Wasn't a serious season, ran Sniper most of the time)

TrapSquad Niggas wit Autism - Silver Season 21 - [Main] Scout (?W-?L) (Not sure had to leave cause of work and had 3 ringers a game.)

Daddy Material - Steel Season 23? [Main] Scout (4?W-4?L) (Fell off towards the end of the season,k good group of guys though, had fun)



Fats McGee and the Retard 3 -Gold Season 6- [Main] Soldier (3W-4L)

Fats McGee and the Retard 3 -Gold Season 7- [Main] Demo? (?W-?L)- Never happened and never will play 4s again in UGC.

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