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Nothing to it.

I imagine humanity being finally able to figure how to make it so firearms reload for them, so I can still be lazy. :D Kinda like Bastion's Recon SMG. Then again, having a watch being able to rewind you to where you were 5 minutes ago with all the conditions you had at that time (Bruises, scars, etc) would be nice, too. Someone could try to kill me by pushing me off a cliff, and I would just press a button. Bam, saved myself. Or if someone punched me hard, I can do the same thing, no bruise and no pain. Awesome, right?

I sometimes think about Alternate Realities, Universe, etc.

You ever wonder about timelines, time machines, the likes?
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Shouty Mcnubs?
More like Shouty Mcskrubs!!! Hahahahah amirite?
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