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ez motherfucker Oct 29 @ 6:23am 
Make video
Winter Oct 29 @ 12:50am 
Winter Oct 29 @ 12:50am 
some say we did that in like march or something lol
BeefyC Oct 28 @ 11:14am 
Some say it'll never be realised, some say it's happening sooner than you know.
Winter Oct 27 @ 9:20pm 
our master plan--!
ez motherfucker Oct 26 @ 7:18am 
initial idea:
(thumbnail = widowmaker) overwatch tips and tricks

durv - free gift card giveaway
dubstep - pans up to fedora covering half of face with shadow the hedgehog theme
burns the flag of reading - pulls script out of ass, fuck off cunt fedora euphoria more fedora kill myself gotem bois
naruto opening dub by beefyc - feeling pretty rusty today guys sorry abt that
beefyc logo over naruto logo with ejaculation sound effect
wag1 dudes beefyc here (dab)
how's it going bros pewdiepie here (double dab)
intro to beverege fucking part lol
(beverage drinking part)
choking play of the game
roadhog (12 man card)
windows movie maker transition
giftcard giveaway winner is fedora euphoria congratulations
what's better than a regular old and defective scope? a fedora scope.
beefy brother comes in with gun (fedora sniper windows officially painted over him)
thanks for standing still wanker