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Hey you person on my profile. I'm generally a very lenient guy who brings the chill vibe wherever I go. Almost always you will see my playing TF2, or making something in Garry's Mod. I wont bite, and I am hard to piss off. If you want to add me to play and talk with me, that's fine, just please comment before adding me. Any adds that don't get explained in the comments, I ignore. I'm not too talkative in steam, so the best way to get in contact with me is joining my Discord server. [discord.gg] I usually hang out with people in here. We talk, we create, and we play. If you want to become a good friend of mine, just read the rest of the bio, and go on from there. One more thing, I freaking LOVE art. Any and all art I get of my heavy loadout good or bad I will upload to my artwork, and credit you!

The Rules List
(1.) Comment before adding me.
(2.) Please don't ask for items of any kind.
(3.) Respect me, and my friends and we'll do the same to you.
(4.) Don't spam me with game invites
(5.) Don't invite me to raffle groups (please)

My Best Mates



Q. Why did you remove me?
A. you probably didn't smell very good (or u were probably just annoying)

Q. I'm new, can I have free stuff?
A. u hecking dippy doo read my rules u gosh dang dingus

Q. Can you teach me some tips for Heavy?
A. heavy isnt too hard tbh, but look at my pretty rad guide if u want to know how to be a good heavy. if u cant do it then i guess ill teach u some things myself if i got the time buddy ol chum

Q. Do you do commissions?
A. I stopped doing commissions a little while ago, but they may re open.

Q. Heavy takes no skill
A. ah fuck u got me

Q. How do I get in the closest friends list?
A. you need to be a good ol' pal of mine, like really good

Q. What is your least favorite flavor of cake?
A. is that possible

Q. http://imgur.com/a/7WmrS
A. great

Skype - gotta be an irl friend 2 get this one
Steam - wait what the fuck
Discord - https://discord.gg/KrrVZZx
iFunny - Bearded_Expense [ifunny.co]
Twitter - @BeardedExpense
YouTube - Bearded Expense
Gamebanana - Bearded Expense [gamebanana.com]
PSN - BeardedExpense [my.playstation.com]
Lol xd - ew no
PornHub - BeardedSEXpense

Away - (not at my computer lol)
Online - pop me a message i guess
Busy - dont pop me a message i guess because im busy you chump
Offline - dead
In-Game - there is a high chance i am being a sweaty tryhard and it may take a second to get back to you so be patient or else die

Best Moment In TF2
(TEAM)Bearded Expense: everyone go heavy or get killed irl
Everyone else: k
Bearded Expense: lets do this bois
25 seconds later
a new country arises

Good Quotes
"A new disaster movie idea: God stretches his balls in front of the sun." - Demongar

"What if mystery flavor AirHeads are really semen flavor :o" - Milky

"Your ass is grass, and my cock is the weed whacker!" - Blockz

"I'm Black Jesus with a blunt, and you're fat Hitler with a cunt." - Hpack

"Boobs are proof that men can focus on two things at once." - Qrow

"Lasagna is actually spaghetti flavored cake" - CinnamonToastChaos

"you eat the ass? ew, that's where poopoo comes from" - Ornamental

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Gh0stlyTf2 Jun 24 @ 4:39am 
i really like your art and screenshot you are one of the talented gmod artist
maybe you got some tips or something
and you look like a nice person to play with
ps are you that guy who did a comic dub of the tf2 comics?
☭ The Golden Gopnik ☭ Jun 23 @ 10:31pm 
your demoman loadout is a work of art.
fLoRb Jun 23 @ 6:25pm 
i addded him because he sounds like joel
fLoRb Jun 23 @ 6:25pm 
wet cock
Witness - RGL.gg Jun 21 @ 1:30pm 
ItsGoingToBeOkay Jun 20 @ 10:58pm 
I mean I saw it lol. Hope you do some more broadcasts though, you seem pretty chill.