Pure, Disgusting Bean Trash   Canada
<- Asshole

Huge Maple loser and generally undesirable. Also possesses an unhealthy obsession to Orchid.

"Oh Bean, You asshole." Bean to Beaner - 2014

Friend requests are ignored, unless I've been in recent contact with you, Or otherwise. Why would you even want to be friends with me? Ask yourself that question before you do it.

Welcome, To my lazy and horrible excuse of a steam profile. Please, Feel free to leave at any time. With that through, Onwards!

*I am sorry if you somehow get irritated with name changes and what not. So, It's either you're going to be ready for me to change me name from time to time, Or not. Hopefully not that last one. My bad.*

Once you've gotten used to me, You can start calling me Bean or anything you'd like to call me. Fagola works too. > V-Copy Material

Ugh, More stuff you don't need to know.

Q: Are you a Boy / Girl?
A: I wish that I had a tree that I could call my own. Sadly, I'm never going to have one.


Q: Are you okay?
A: Yes, I'm definitely fine.

Q: Is that a.......
A: Not sure, Ask V-Copy.

Q: Are you a furry / brony?
A: I don't know. Go do the research or something, And find something out.

Q: Can you lick your elbow?
A: No.

Q: When did you start living? And how old are you?
A: I started life on August 16th, 1995. Go do the math.

Ship Conditions :

Online : Exactly what it says. I'm on steam.

Busy : I'm busy. As it states.

Away : Probably doing something useless.

Looking to play : ...........

Looking to trade : You're... Still here. Would you leave?

Offline : Sleeping, Out doing something in a mythical place only spoken of in the now lost fables known as the "Outside World", Etc.

Also, Prolonged Absence of activity on Steam should be expected, I have shit to do too.

Why are you still here? Go do something besides skulking around my profile, It's irrelevant.

Now. On a much, MUCH more serious note.

Removed due to the lack of the serious problem, Please try again.


todokete meme

You've made it down here? Wow.

Now go out into the World and make a change, Life is too short.

Currently Offline
Last Online 21 hrs, 40 mins ago
Seriously go find something better to spend your time on
V-Copy researchers have found that leaving this page immediately causes an increase in all aspects of whatever you do

•••<- Why is there a leak?

Please, Move on with life.

Provided I cause any trouble for you and / or for others, Remove me.

I'm not one to start a conversation, So that means I'm an absolute shut-in about talking to others forcibly (Unless, its deemed necessary).

I'll leave a note here mentioning the fact that I don't have any notifications whatsoever on.

I don't have Notifications on. Sorry.

If you want someone to talk to, I'll be here willing to lend my ear for you to talk into. :rbrbr1:

> Pointless Space

I play on GRAZED . Hayato's are kind of cool, I guess.

Want to leech off of me? Go and find me.

I'm not giving you any info though, Have fun.

"Gx-40 : your are too cunt for this server"

"I'll never be like you!" - junkro232, Avid user of Hornet Rings and Ultra Greatswords.

"I will convert your very existance into a rice" - Rice Farmer, After the great invasion of Darkroot Garden's Great Rice Field's.

"I am the throne" - Elsoqo

Orchid: theres no resistance to stop the fist

"[ Your workout has made your pussy tight.~ ] - (‘A`)" - Hentai

"You talk like you're clinically depressed.''
''I`m not, though. So shut the fuck up.''

This is a filler.


More than 2 items with legendary pots
More NX
Fuck off, Bean. Nobody wants to hear your shit.

whyyy (つд`)

What a cunt I am.

But no seriously, I'm trash.

This is what lies inside of a Black Hole.

Free Usual Hats in here

okay ill stop

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