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♕nyx!: ima be a soldier main
♕nyx!: fuck sniper
baegL lft plat 6's: damn boi

3:15 PM - hella rad & hella sad: oh :(
3:15 PM - hella rad & hella sad: heck i wanted you to nut
3:15 PM - hella rad & hella sad: in your sexy boxers
3:15 PM - hella rad & hella sad: and then mail it to me so i can wring it out like a sponge
3:15 PM - hella rad & hella sad: all over my milky body

sock baegL defeated lenny in a duel with a score of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1!
8:40 PM - Daff: marry me

Me on Top 10 Tf2 Plays of the Month!
I'm the #10 Spot
10:36 PM - ♛poseidon¨ -iwnl-: he looks like the kinda dude to drink breast milk until hes 14

11:48 PM - nx: no but im just saying that hes lying
11:48 PM - nx: about everything he just said to you
11:48 PM - katryna: he is?
11:48 PM - nx: yes
11:49 PM - katryna: okay
11:49 PM - nx: dont believe him
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WarlordV Oct 8 @ 11:00am 
Excuse me but turn off your aimbot. Just because youre bad doesn't mean you have the right to hack and aimbot me from across the map with your homing projectiles. Niggers like you and Matt Pat are killing TF2. I've played in ESEA invite since season 1 and you're no where close to my skill level, not only that but your skills aren't human like. You're a bot and need to get good kid. Lol 360 dick scoped, you small, insignificant, no nutted bug. Trampling on my garden of gorgeous petunias and soiling them with the wreched stench of your astronomically large ego. 1v1 me kid mge, badlands spire, no shotgun. And if you dare counter jump me, you're dead.
Toon Oct 1 @ 5:32pm 
oh shit lol
Nyx! Sep 30 @ 6:47am 

youve been marked
Nyx! Sep 20 @ 10:06pm