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I found a cupcake
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Breathe + Baby Talk
This year has really been something else. Lots of laughs and lots of tears but all the same, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think we’ve all become a little stronger this year, and with what’s coming in the new year, its important that we all just take a moment to breathe.

baby talk:
You talk to me
like you would to an infant

You talk to me
like you’re no older than 5

And I talk to you the same:
Sweeter Tones
Shorter Phrases

(We bring each other back to that simpler time: we didn’t have to cope with each horror we do today. (But, yeah, some were present, even then.))

You’re the childhood I didn’t have.
You’re my present.
You’re my future.
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If ifs and butts are candies and nuts you're gonna fall down and break your leg
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The following presentation is not intended for minors
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bewwies bewwies bewwies bewwies bewwies
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*DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) _polygonz_ : why you play csgo if you dont play?
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