Bastien   Aquitaine, France
Pls don't be this guy [] and don't add me just to ask me a goddamn question, my comment section isn't Public for no reasons....
If you add me without commenting first, you'll have 10 minutes after I accepted to tell me why you added me or you'll be deleted.
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Important infos below, please read it all before adding me
Hai, idk how you found my profile but here some important infos

The first thing you must know is I, like many people, hate random adds. Don't add me just because you feel like it. The comment section on my profil isn't public for no reasons.
Talking to me first when you add me is an excellent way not to be deleted fast so do it.
Oh ye I'm a male and I'm 19 if you wanna know. If you care enough. Ye.


"Flat is justice". Burn Vert and Yellow Heart.

There are 4 things you should know about my statuses: (I only use 4 of them)
- If I'm Online , feel free to text me, I will most likely reply quickly
- If I'm Away , you can still send me messages but I'll only reply when I'm back (Kinda obvious)
- If I'm Offline , send me anything you want, I'll read it when I connect.
- If I'm In-Game , my replies can be delayed and in the worst case, I can litterally forget about replying. But most of the time I don't forget. Insist a bit and you'll get my answer, I don't mind.
- And I said 4 but there is one more actually: If you see me Busy , i'm most likely working on some things so I may not want to play games while i'm in this state. Note that I almost never use this statut though.

I can write in English and in French so please, don't write me in Russian or something, I won't even bother using Google Translation.

Games I play
- Payday 2
- Megadimension Neptunia Victory II
- Left4Dead2
- ShellShock Live
- Blender (Ye this is not a game but still...)
- Terraria Best 2D copy of Minecraft ever

Well you can see the rest on my recently played games.

My favourite game of all time is Metroid: Prime [] but nobody knows it anyway (sadly)

I also like to mod games like Payday 2, check my desc up there for more details.
I'm also learning how to use Blender to do some shit with it like this []or this [].

Ye. Now fuck off if you're not ok with it. Thanks. best waifu

The end
Yes this is the end, I didn't want to write a novel so this ends right there.
Thanks for reading.

No list because no more jealous people. Thx
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