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Nyan to everyone! :chocola: :nekoheart:

Nyaaa!~:nekoheart: Nyellow there! I' m ChocoBaron! I' m a little kitty cat ^w^. I have a little sister, she looks like me but she is much more cute~:nekoheart: . I have an Onii-Chan too, he is the light of my eyes~:nekoheart:

Be yourselfs in the comment section, everyone is welcome!~:nekoheart::chocola:

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Description (Enjoy my...Kittyness? ^w^ ❤)
:nekoheart: :BalkanCross: Nyaaa :chocola: :BalkanCross: :nekoheart:
Here is something about me and my life ^^ :

Age: 16

Sex: ♂ + ♂ = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HvBQJjciSU

Name: Roberto :nekoheart: / :AceofSpades: ''Sei un FIGOH~'' cit. Gustav
Official TRH member :nekoheart:
Random Scheiße :

-Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, The FBI be knocking, OMAEWA MOU SHINDEIRU (Baron -2018)
-How can we not talk about memes, when memes take over the show? (Papa Franku :nekoheart: )
-It' s all fun and games until some kid dies. Then it' s HILARIOUS. (Papa Franku :nekoheart: )
-It' s N O T Hentai! (Sean)
-Ma perchè Gesù entra nel bagno delle donne? A SI PERCHE' C' E' SCRITTO ''SIGNORE''! (RasKy)
-Dio Lampionato Del Signore (Gustav)
-BEGONE S T A N ! ! ! (Toaster)
-*bestemmie irripetibili* (Saka)
-And you wanted to kill urself lol (DOOM56)
-Impiccati con i PENNARELLIH! (Y A D E N)
-Platone l' ha detto! (Platona)
-Gia l' Aquila D' Austria le penne ha perdute! (Inno di Mameli - Fratelli D' Italia)
-La religione è l' oppio dei popoli (Karl Marx)
Favourite game: Call of Duty 2 (my childhood game :nekoheart: )
Favourite Youtubers: Yotobi, PDV, Pyrocynical, Filthy Frank (RIP Papa :nekoheart: ), IdubbbzTv, TheRussianBadger, EMH, Bionic Pig, Elvis The Alien
Favourite (Youtube) Artists: Pink Guy / Joji (Gorge) Miller; Nyanners
Favourite song: The White Stripes / Seven nation Army :gnumz_heart:

Some of my other favourite songs (not in order) :
- Filthy Frank / HELP
- Filthy Frank / I Am Beautiful
- Filthy Frank / Meme Machine
- Earth, Wind and Fire / September
- Daft Punk / Get Lucky
- Daft Punk / Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger
- Daft Punk / Around The World
- a-ah/ Take on Me
- Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse / Katchi
- Bee Gees / Stayin' Alive
- Bob Seger / Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
- Michael Jackson / Thriller
- Lou Bega / Mambo No. 5
- Nyanners / [COVER] Gucci Gang
- Nyanners / [COVER] Bad & Boujee
My Best Friends :

Chocola (Sister~) + Gustav (Bruh~) = ~:nekoheart: (le due persone più pucci che abbia mai avuto il piacere e onore di conoscere ^w^ ~:nekoheart:)
Sean (HENTAI) : my long lost palestinian brother ~:nekoheart:
Y A D E N (they called him ROME II) : basically my brother~:nekoheart:
☯「Saka」✠ (Onii-Chan) : the light of my eyes ~:nekoheart::nekoheart:
Gabriele (Disgusting) : he is the smartest farmer of em' all ~:nekoheart:
RasKy (Malito Bartolini) : this boi is...pucci ~:nekoheart:
「Kuro」 ✠ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✠ (Pervy Boi) : one of the most important persons in my life ~:nekoheart:
GoldBrain (Brian the homophobe) : this man is the cutest homophobe of em' all! ~:nekoheart:
DOOM56 (Therapist) : Chill dude, very funny and talkative :hwmedkit: ~:nekoheart:
ϟToaster ϟ (S T A N) : The shieldBruddah Siege deserves...but the one I need! :r6atk: ~:nekoheart:

I L O V E ALL OF YOU! AND I AM VERY LUCKY TO HAVE YOU GUYS BY MY SIDE! :nekoheart::nekoheart::nekoheart:

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Frostex_z 13 hours ago 
sean 13 hours ago 
Can someone pat me
Frostex_z 13 hours ago 
Non sono molesto, ho detto solo ma che salsa
✠ ChocoBaron ✠ 13 hours ago 
scusami Frostex ma sei molesto...tvb però~:nekoheart:
Frostex_z 13 hours ago 
✠ ChocoBaron ✠ 14 hours ago 
@ sean, don' t worry, just a kid passing by and LEAVING hopefully~