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BATORU: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2/images/b/b1/WIH-Black-3b3XD.jpg
BATORU: look at him
BATORU: such subtle beauty

(`・ω・´) Whirlguy: I raised an eyebrow back then
(`・ω・´) Whirlguy: today I raised both

Emporor Wu of Han: white bread's good
Janze: lots and lots of delicious, sweet butter
Janze: its almost oozing of the butter when I take them out of the grill
Janze: such a wonderfull smell, look and taste
Emporor Wu of Han: ok
Emporor Wu of Han: calm down
Emporor Wu of Han: it's bread
Janze: I have come to the conclusion that life is good whenever there is bread

Janze: woah, a body pillow is kinda cheap
Janze: 12,40
Janze: then just get a waifucover
Janze: and live the dream

angel  please  don't  go: imagine on countdown like
angel  please  don't  go: nah i don't like countdown
Violence Jack ‡: wat
angel  please  don't  go: i thought of a joke about countdown
angel  please  don't  go: but then it didn't work
angel  please  don't  go: don't worry about it
Violence Jack ‡: that weed's pretty good huh
angel  please  don't  go: ye

Saigetsu: i could literally get more out of life masturbating
Saigetsu: then sitting there for 40 mins
Saigetsu: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaan_Banana check this out
Saigetsu: learnt more here than my last game of dota

hitode ‡: then how is it a nice town
FÖN: pretty women.
FÖN: pretty much
hitode ‡: but how can you stare at their butts
hitode ‡: if you don't go outside
FÖN: I have a window.

caned: wtf
caned: 3am
tasKu <3: lmfaio whjo careas
tasKu <3: i would go to talk
tasKu <3: to a chick at 43ma
tasKu <3: who acareas

Janze: ahh. Wunderbar. the cheese experiment with the sandwiches was a success.
Janze: Although, would not do again
caned: you're calling making a cheese sandwich an experiment now?
Janze: Aye.

tasKu( '-')/: you just need a small baby
tasKu( '-')/: give it snus
tasKu( '-')/: and yell at him
tasKu( '-')/: 'kill urself'

yukki yukki yukki yukki yukki: i actually have a didgeridoo
Peep: My condolences

caned: (`・ω・´) Wurugai: searching far and whide
caned: LOL
(`・ω・´) Wurugai: your mom is whide
caned: LOL

appox: book 2 hard to read atm
appox: managed 2 chpts
appox: doesn't help there's no light in ehre
appox: not good for reading
appox: i like how i'm looking up a kindle paperwhite instead of like
appox: a lamp

appox+++: 16min basher on lina is good

luzik: like just now
luzik: i lost everything i had
luzik: except my smile
luzik: my smile is still here

caned: do you ever feel like a massive faggot animating a guys ass like that
(`・ω・´) Wurugai: it felt weird in the sketching face
(`・ω・´) Wurugai: because I couldnt make out whether it was a guy's or girl's ass
(`・ω・´) Wurugai: it became less arrousing to look at after I made it look more masculine, whatever that means

Janze: I want to explode inside Megumin.

AYA YAYAYA: u like root beer
appox[ennit]: got a thirst for blood
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