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Please read my info Down Below.
Emily is a and she likes your DICK ... Personality. :P
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Name: Brandon Skelton
Age: 24
Birthday: 5/20

Name: Emily Skelton
Age: 24
Birthday: 11/16

Why I don't Talk that much
For some friends new here, I don't like to be Bothered . Why you may ask? Well because I'm Busy, a lot. When you see me Busy I might be Working, Paying Bills, Doing Stuff on my Computer, or I'm spinning time with my wife. So please Understand why I'm not that active a lot. BUT I do read your comments, my friends comments, and Rate on anything I see on Friends Activity.

PS: You can try to Talk to me if you want or you can try Inviting me to a game if you want, but for more info, go down to "Playing With Me, With You, or Inviting Me to a Game" and "Sending me a Message."

Now don't say something like "I don't care" When I don't speak to you at all, because I do Care. When you remove me as a friend, then I would ask you why you remove me. If you give me a good reason, then I would Understand. But if you remove me, and you don't answer my question or you don't tell me a good reason why, then your just being ridiculous. Because you add me as a friend or I add you as a friend and then remove me for No Apparent Reason, That's Retarded.

If you have any kind of problems that your going through like mental illness, depression, social anxiety, or anything really, then you can try to talk to me if you want and I Can Give You Some Advice On How To Get Through It If You Really Want To, if you don't want to, then that's fine just Don't Be Rude About It. But if you use your problems just to manipulate people and have most of your friends to be bodyguards or attackers for you (which is very immature and a dumb thing to do btw) and you overuse your quote of problems just so you can get out of simple sitchuations.

If you want to know whos a good manipulator, doesn't care about anyone but themselves, and plays victim alot, well here's your guy:

Any kind of Teen Drama, fuck off with that stupid shit.

Who is Emily?
Emily is my Wife ( Not my Waifu for fuck sake ) and I love her to death! >v< Emily does get on my computer half the time to play a few of my games, like Gmod, L4d2, fallout 3-NV, Rabi-Ribi, Black Mesa, Borderlands, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Serious Sam. Her two favorite games she plays a lot are Black Mesa, L4d2, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Rabi-Ribi. :3 Just to letcha know she doesn't like to talk that much on Steam. She's not used to Steam yet but she like's it. Emily is very nice and lovable so please be nice to her if you ever talk to her on steam. :D

Her Birthday: 11/16

Her age: 23

Playing With Me

When I'm FREEEEEEE to play or talk with.
3PM - 12AM
In between 3pm and 12am, you can play or talk to me if you want to.

Adding me or my wife in your pics
I can care less if you want to add me and Emily in your pics or not, do the fuck you want with us, I don't care.

Sending me a Message
If you send me a Message in game or when I'm not doing anything, I Will or Will Not respond to your messages, and if I do respond back, I'll be kinda slow at answering back. Why will I be slow at answering back? Well I Suck At Typing.
ALSO: Don't be scared to talk to me. I'm not going to snap at you or jump you or anything, I like talking to my freinds and I will never be rude to you :)
AND ALSO: Please be patient when I'm typing a Message to you. Same thing with Emily, we can't type fast. :'(

Online, Busy, or Away
When I'm Online, I'm FREE!!!
When I'm Busy, I might be Working, Paying Bills, Spinning Time with my Wife, or Doing Stuff on my Computer. BUT and a big but to: You can try Talking or Inviting me if you want.
When I'm Away, I'm in town.

Friend Requests
I will accept any random friend requests.
If you send me a Friend Request, and your profile is below level 3, please leave a comment down below telling me why you want to add me. If you give me a good reason, then I'll accept you. ;)
If I see on your Profile
You Having Links on your profile
Your comments calling you a Scammer
Your profile is Private
I Will Ignore You.

Name Changes
These are some name changes that you'll see half the time.
Brandon360 - I'll be on my computer or my wife will be on my computer.
Brandon360(taken over) - I'll be Sick and my wife will have my computer until I'm better.
Random Names - I'll be drunk and be acting stupid.

Trade Offers
No, Just No

What I like
Nice People

What I don't like
Rude People

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Brandon360 Nov 21 @ 5:42pm 
Ok then, if your going to be like that for now, then go ahead. I'll wait until you feel better and when you do, come back please m8.
Shadow_labrys Nov 21 @ 5:02pm 
i shouldnt be anyones friend
Brandon360 Nov 20 @ 1:12pm 
Wanted: 10k Star Reward Nov 19 @ 8:12am 
[NN$]True Demoknight Nov 19 @ 1:56am 
E X T R E M E LY E X T R A T H I C C!!!