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Aaron Southey   Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Favorite Game: CS:GO
MM Rank: LEM
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Thatchers Gold
At 12:30 every friday, Myrtle farm Somerset, theres a moment when time, sort of, stops
Its the moment the Thatchers family see if there next vat of apple cider tastes as good as it should.
Because only then it can leave the farm, that's why Thatchers is what cider is supposed to taste like.

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AzzA @ThePub Jun 23 @ 7:16am 
lmao hive still shit tho
ConsumeTheShrooms Jun 23 @ 7:11am 
Park Tree
Tinky Winky Jun 23 @ 7:08am 
Radioactive faggot
TeX-) Jun 23 @ 6:19am 
-rep the most shitty person and most stupid person I have ever met, he is legit a guy who goes and do a 0-0-30 score. He is so fucking shit
✪ Híve ♕ Jun 23 @ 6:10am 
dude you were the negative, after we just said that your mate was cheating, so stfu with being the true little angel here. Cuz we didnt even talked to you when you startet to say "stfu you stupid, and you are just shit as fuck" we havent even talked to be, so dont be polite now you fucking idiot cancer kid with no brain!
AzzA @ThePub Jun 23 @ 5:57am 
capper and ✪ Híve ♕ werre both spamming the chat accusing a team mate of mine, who i didn't que with, of cheating. I told them to stop accusing him because after watching many rounds he seemed clean. They then continued on spamming and accusing him of stuff so i tried to convince them he's not. They then began to say that i was 'abused as a child' and that 'my dads penis was in my mouth' - to which i took offence. So before beleiving that i am the toxic individual here, beleive that they're both toxic, and im the one that just told them to stop whining, because it was annoying both teams. They're also both lower-skilled individuals at the game, so if you que with them, expect a loss.