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Random friend requests are randomly accepted or denied.
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I am an Astats moderator but that only means I can handle tagging achievements and validating guides. Only senior moderators can deal with bans.
If you want to report a cheater go here:
If you want to appeal go here:

While I am usually willing to help people get MP achieves, I usually delete games that I have completed to make room for new ones. Please consider that I have many games to play and many already started or planned to start, so I might not be able to help straight away.
Please check my games list on Astats.
Select "No Limit" then sort by clicking "Name" tab, to make it easier to look through.
Purple game are done and deleted. I am not likely to be willing to help with these unless its something short.
Green or Blue Games are usually installed and likely I am looking for people to help finish them.
Red games are rarely installed becasue there are too many of them :). Feel free to ask and see what my plans are..

Also be aware that we do have a partner search thread on 100PAG.
Check it out and use it. Just remember not everyone in the world lives by your time. It may take a week to get replies, so wait before giving up. The more people who use it the more productive it is.
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auuuuuu Jan 16 @ 3:35pm 
+rep, answering other players' questions.
ZygZag Jan 14 @ 2:39am 
+rep! Thank You for trade!
[SL] AkBakk Jan 12 @ 5:23pm 
Can i join 100% achievment group??
Azatoth Jan 3 @ 2:03pm 
Not even close lol. Just the dlc included with 2013-2016 editions.
Echnaton Jan 3 @ 2:02pm 
Do you really own all DLCs for Trainsimulator? Crazy Australian ;)
Paiile Jan 1 @ 2:26am