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If you've come here for trading, take a look at the links below before adding me.

If you are here from a game we played in CS:GO or TF2, feel free to add me, but before doing so just scroll down and have a little read :)

If you just want to chat, feel free to add me as I am open for a chat just about any time of the day :)

Have you ever met someone else called Khael? I haven't.
But if you want to know it's the real me, just look at my steam custom ID and make sure it is /id/australia :)

Useful links:

Trade Link []
osu! profile []

Before adding me, I would appreciate if you would left a comment below as to why you are doing so.

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last played on Jan 10
✪ GOLD ✪ Jan 16 @ 3:40pm 
Added for fun and good time. Accept me keepo
OP Harry Jan 12 @ 6:27pm 
is that you
+rep gave me something goooooooood
Jan 11 @ 11:21pm 
Khaels good for you, it lets you hit 40 bombs and helps carry a team from a 12-8 match :D
Dacigos | Brokering Jan 11 @ 3:59am 
+rep Cool guy and trustable! though some faggot who was greedy scammed him.