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A Medic Is Like A Balloon
When You Shoot Them They Pop
COMPETITIVE TF2 - Current Teams:
TL & Med Main For Mid Sixes Team - High On Life S27
Sub Med For Silver Highlander Team - Double Upload
All Class Sub For Silver Fours Team - Biscuit
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Twitch =
bind l "say Selling a Cool Minimal Wear Festive Masked Mender Medi Gun W/ Fire Horns Team Shine Pro Ks Kit, taking offer!"
bind k "say Selling a Aussie Scattergun W/ Fire Horns Manndarin Pro Ks Kit and Dmg Dealt +Signed! Taking offer!"
(TEAM) Blanc : even tho med is AustinN's main. He's a god at every class
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High On Life S26
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