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After the developer kindly responded to my negative review, I decided to buy a second copy of the game and give it another chance. After an hour, my high score was 93, and I earned all of the achievements. This will probably be the most informative review you'll find.

Things I liked:

- The graphics are well-made and very pleasant to look at.
- The gameplay fantasy of Orbt XL, which is spontaneously and creatively drawing lines with your orbiting planet while balancing risk and reward, feels great and fresh when achieved.
- The variety and strong effects of the projectiles make play exciting and surprising.
- The inclusion of many unlockable skins, which are fun, referential, and look great.
- The music eventually becomes very intense and exciting.
- The achievements provide good goals for you to have.

Things I didn't like:

- The initial experience is repulsively repetitive on several levels.

1. You earn more points by being closer to the black hole, and there are discrete tiers of distance. The closest tier is right next to the black hole, and you can stay there by simple button-mashing. It strongly perverts the core fantasy of the game, turning it into a clicker. This becomes less of a problem when more projectiles show up, but early gameplay feels cheap and tiresome as a result.

2. The music begins with a highly repetitive and cheaply produced loop that lasts until you get 30-40 points. It detracts from the early experience, and amplifies the feeling of repetitive, cheap gameplay described above. The player is fooled into thinking that this is all there is.

3. The sound effects can be grating to hear, but they too become less offensive with time.

- There is a small bug where the Doge planet doesn't fully load its graphics on the first play.

Orbt XL does not put its best foot forward, and may not have lasting power. But overall, the good outweighs the bad. Therefore, I now recommend that you buy it, and thank the developer for being a good person that deserves your business.

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