Ascend   Vastra Gotaland, Sweden
Due to the amount of spam I get, I'll most likely decline groups. Sorry.
I am a professional medic

Noobs laugh:

Shpee: I'm eating a carrot. One minute.
Crunch crunch

Shay: stop insulting my genitalia

Bday: 30th nov

Hunter: Do you have to go to anothe room to wipe your ass?
Me: No...what?
Hunter: You know, you might have too.
Me: Whaaaat?
Hunter: You might have too...

Lewis: Come down to cottenly i'll spark you out

Jaime Lannister: i shaged a 7 year old because you can cum in them withouth them getting pregnant so its a win win (definitely not a lie)

LennypennS: I like my woman like I like my fish fingers, hot and battered.

Me: Gabe you got this, there's a guy in jungle
Gabe: That guy can suck my dick

22:26 - Bjorn The Moose: give me a nametag
22:26 - Swegmeister.: no
22:26 - Bjorn The Moose: pl0x b0ss
fuck off Armin

Bacon ^-^: *begins choking parnter with a belt
Bacon ^-^: partner*
Bacon ^-^: *pulls it thighter
Ascend: will you not
Bacon ^-^: *see that he goes blue and stops lets him catch his breath
Bacon ^-^: *get a 5foot strap on begins fucking him in the ass
Bacon ^-^: you like that you you whore
Ascend: why are you doing this
Ascend: I do not deserve this
Bacon ^-^: *pulls the belt again and treats him like a dog

khaleesi: i have to food

Tom: Do you want cancer? Because I can get you that
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