2w. Arzt Hispanian
Johhny from Cali   California, United States
Hi I'm Arzt Hispanian and I'm a filthily pyro main but I can play every class just as well.

I like to help people so feel free to add me if have any questions about Highlander.

Currently on:


NA UGC Platinum S23 : Dpm, Main Pyro


UGC Season 24: -None-
ESEA Season 25: -None-

Here is a list of my previous teams:

Highlander 9v9

NA UGC Silver S22 : Apollodosh Team Leader and Main Demo 1st place!
ETF2L Premiership S12: Super Dickmann's MALLCOPS, Pyro Sub
NA UGC Platinum S21 : The Jammers, Main Pyro
ETF2L High S11: Team Colonslash: Frosties, 200 ping Main Scout 3rd place!
UGC Season 20 Gold: The Jammers, Main Pyro 1st place!
UGC Season 19 Platinum: Apollodosh, Team Leader and Main Pyro
UGC Season 18 Gold: IFA, Main Demoman/Heavy
UGC Season 18 Class Wars: Team Pyro, Main Demoman
UGC Season 17 Gold: Grammar Natzi's, Sub Pyro/Demoman
Summer Battle Royale Professional Division: Team P, Main Demoman
UGC Season 16 EU Gold: The Agency, 200 ping Main Demoman 3rd place!
ETF2L Season 8 High: The Bureau, 200 ping All Class Sub
UGC Season 15 Gold: Grammar Natzi's, Main Pyro
UGC Season 14 Gold: Muma and the Moomoos, Co-Leader Main Pyro 2nd place!
UGC Season 13 Gold: More Than Adequate, Main Pyro
UGC Season 12 Silver: Our World Now, Co-Leader and Main Pyro
UGC Season 11 Steel: Team Miley Cyrus, Team Leader and Main Pyro
UGC Season 10 Iron: Derpy Looking Thundermountain Cats, Team Leader and Main Pyro
UGC Season 8 Iron: Blazing with Hitler, I subbed Engie and Heavy


UGC Season 12 Gold: Banana Boat Rescue, Main Pyro 3rd place!
UGC Season 4 Gold: Sixteen Tonns Sub Pyro/scout
UGC Season 3 Silver: Draltoday Sub demo/pyro/scout
Winter Battle Royale Season 3 : Super Troopers Main pyro
UGC Season 2: Steel: Draltoady Sub/Roster Rider
UGC Season 1 Steel: Draltoady Sub/Roster Rider
Andyvich 4v4: Dosh Main Demo and Team Leader 2nd Place!


UGC Season 23 Platinum: Bring Back the Funk Sub Demoman
ESEA Season 24 Intermediate: Bring Back the Funk Sub Demoman
UGC Season 20 Gold: Arm-sized thumbs, Sub Demo/Scout/Medic 3rd Place!
UGC Season 19 Platinum: Anime Girls IRL All Class Back-up
UGC Season 17 Silver: Pls Send Halp Main Demoman/Scout
UGC Season 16 Platinum: eSports Weaboo Gaming Clan Guild Mememasters Inc. sub scout/med/demo
UGC Season 15 Silver: menage a trois (Deux Fois) Sub Scout Silver
UGC Season 14 Steel: Our World Now Main Scout

Strange Kills : 327,535 As of 07/04/2017

Best GM and ex-invite player :P "You may roam away from the combo a lot and give up back stabs, but you'll always be my fwend :DD" -Zack 2013

Season 17 Pyro of the Season!

Arzt Hispanian (Pyro, GN)

Arzt had by far the best shotgun aim of any Pyro in gold this season and his damage numbers reflected that. His aim made him a brick wall for his combo, protecting very efficiently against the enemy flank. Playing against him in our match against Grammar Natzi’s was almost as frustrating as playing against Hardass Johnny.
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Happy new years!
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Hope you're holding up well, man. Best of wishes for ya.
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2w. Arzten
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-rep didn't show his green card
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Hi I'm Arzt Hispanian and I'm a filthily pyro main but I can be the best demo in platinum