Mirage (Enryuu)
When lost in utter darkness, there is nothing left but forward - Nautilus

Last IGN: Mirage
Ex junior admin of DTK, Ex head admin of SG, Ex head admin of TG surf, Current admin of VG zombies
Dota 2 top 10 Zeus player Aus (Zeus is love Zeus is life)
Resigned from Team Shade.
Tilterella and other youtubers int in my league games
I’m barely online on steam because of league but when I am, you can drop by and say hello ^
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2B: Nier Automata
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As fellow Dota 2 player, i'm sure we've meet toxic player. But, there are many ways to avoid toxic player without much effort.
So, read the guide and enjoy the game.
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About Me
Name: ???
Age: ???
Nationality: complicated(?)
IGN: Mirage, Enryuu, Espionage
Interests: Music, Boxing, Gaming, Photography and Modeling.

Hello, most of you know me by "Mirage". Special thanks to all my "friends" for dealing with my cold decisions and unstable personality. Although I have issues reading other people's emotions and have empathy for them, I have tried my best to bond with others, and get along with them. Some called me out for being an asshole and some understood me, either way i greatly appreciate whoever stuck with me all the years especially from my last hacked steam account through to this account. For newer friends, thanks for giving me a chance and friending me or accepting my invites ^^
PS: I don’t bite (sorta)

Gaming Communities
Big thanks to the SG community for offering me the Head admin of zombies and giving me a chance to lead a server to success. Another huge thanks to the DTK community for opening an opportunity to serve as the Junior admin of CS:GO zombies. Lastly the AUS-TG Surf community for letting me serve as the Head admin of Surf. P.S: Batman , although we had different opinions, I'm glad that you took my responsibilities and carried on leading the AUS-TG Surf server even when i left. Maybe sometime we can serve the same community again and work together. (i was still the better admin :D)

Player Mentions
-Ajay Tech
-Special Agent
-Dark Necessities
-Nice Guy
(Many More)

Honorable mention to my past semi-pro Dota 2 teams: Dis-connected and V^nQuish. Although i was the 4.1k mmr scrub shadow fiend main midlaner, Team V^nQuish was willing to take me in, coach me on improving as a player and im very thankful for that. V^nQuish was disband after losing the semi finals against QOP in a tier 7 battlecup tornament, but from leaving the team I was able to meet 6 wonderful people which I played with in Team Dis-Connected. We were able to win 2 battlecups in a row in 2 years span of time. Even when I lost interest in Dota 2 and left the team, they respected my decisions and moved on without holding any grudge.

Player Mentions
- -Valor-

Battlenet Tag: Enryuu#11283 (pm me in steam first before u add me in battlenet)
League of Legends ID: Enryuu (account where I normally play on thanks to people gifting me skins on it)

League of Legends ranks
(First account)
Season 3 gold 4
Season 4 diamond 2
Season 5 diamond 5
(Second account)
Current season gold 5
(Main account)
Current season gold 1
(Main account #2)
Current season gold 5
#Vladimir main
It's easier to crush a dream than realize one. Forming a bond is infinitely more difficult than breaking one. - Ichimaru Gin

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