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Arsene-Lupin Oct 6 @ 11:20am 
Yeah, there's a lot of trial and error involved. The Larian forums have a modding sub-forum that's very useful, so I'd recommend trying there. Or the DOS discord's editor sub-channel.
Orbital Odin Oct 6 @ 9:37am 
I have tried setting them to 1 and it didnt work either. I suppose ill have to search for where conflicting values might be. I tried putting this code in both race and class lsx files to no avail.
Arsene-Lupin Oct 6 @ 9:19am 
I haven't really looked at those, so I can't help you specifically. Sorry! Odds are you've got some conflicting values. IE somewhere else the game has got a specific total amount of attribute points (e.g. 40) and because you've changed the starting points, those values no longer match up.

It's also possible the game itself isn't able to accommodate attributes that low--IE "zero" may be an impossible number. Have you tried other values? Like 8?
Orbital Odin Oct 6 @ 8:43am 
Hey, could you help out with something? I am trying to make a mod for completely customizable stats for DOS2. I followed the instructions on your mod page on Nexusmods. I got as far as being able to edit the files needed, and publishing. What i am trying to do is essentially set all attributes to either 0 or 1 at character creation, with a pool of attribute points to assign as desired. Right now the only changes i have are the following (The attributes setting to 0 code block is directly under the line that states the class);

<attribute id="Strength" value="0" type="4"/>
<attribute id="Dexterity" value="0" type="4"/>
<attribute id="Intelligence" value="0" type="4"/>
<attribute id="Constitution" value="0" type="4"/>

<attribute id="NumStartingAttributePoints" value="40" type="4" />

This is not working when i enable it on my game. Do you have any ideas why?

lanhongjianlr May 29 @ 3:45am 
Happy memorial day pal
Arsene-Lupin Mar 7, 2011 @ 11:19am 
Good Evening.