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It's like I can't browse 4chan for FIVE FUCKING MINUTES without someone posting a "LE EBIN S4S IRONIC MAYMAY XD". Your dipshits are like a fucking EBOLA epidemic, as soon as one shitposter posts anything even remotely related to /s4s/ another 500 crawl out of the woodwork as start spamming, checking dubs and posting unfunny pictures of shit "memes" that don't even make any fucking sense. And can we talk about /s4s/'s memes for a second here? It's amazing how the board most obsessed with memes has failed to produce even one meme that isn't complete and utter garbage. The closest thing you cocksuckers had to an actual successful meme was topkek, and even that was ripped off ylilauta. And when was that? Two years ago? What actual real memes did /s4s/ produce since then? Just a whole bunch of frankly quite boring pictures with zero humor or exploitability. It's no wonder that nothing from this self-declared "OC factory" ever actually spreads to other boards. This is painfully pathetic to watch. Most of you aren't even being ironic anymore. Some of you actually actually come here and in full sincerity participate in this circlejerk. You excuse your actions by saying mindbogglingly idiotic shit like "this is like old /b/! lel so random", but guess what retards: I've been on 4chan since 2006 and this place is nothing, NOTHING like old /b/. Fucking STOP SAYING THAT YOU PIECES OF SHIT. That's outright OFFENSIVE to anyone who's seen what pre-2007 /b/ looked like. You nuggets of cancer perfectly embody everything that KILLED old /b/. It's like someone took the 2008-era cancer, took THE VERY WORST PARTS of it, concentrated it to 200% levels and then wrapped it in a painfully thin veil of "irony".

You know? I'm ain't even mad. Let this be a containment board for you newfags and ledditors. I honestly don't have the energy to care about anything that happens on this website anymore.

I may be a 🎅 white 🏳nationalist 👏 but If 😏 I see 😘 a fine 💯 ass 🍑black 🙊 girl 😍 my bloodline 💦💦 bout to 😘 become 🍗 an unemployment line🔫
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Moist Potato 7 hours ago 
This kid likes red apples. Hes a loser. Save ur time and dont add this hek
Shay u 9 hours ago 
liam is BIg
soccermum 15 hours ago 
shen boom shut up dog
old meme Nov 13 @ 10:16pm 
im not cool, nigga
Shay u Nov 13 @ 12:46am 
memers are so hott
Shay u Nov 13 @ 12:46am 
hecc up arseny, u may be a cool kid, but at least im better than u at MEMING