Zack   London, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Yes, this is a Jojo profile, tell me what you think about it in my comments so I can tell you how your profile is.
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How to be good at TF2, for all players, F2P, P2P.
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Whoa, is that a JOJO ACCOUNT?
I'm 18, not 35 you fucking idiots.

One of JimmyHereOfficial's biggest stream supporters! <3

JimmyHere gives me a reason to live:

Rules for adding me:

My biggest personal rule: Don't add me for trading, that's fucking stupid. I've stopped.

Must actually know me (If we played together and I told you to add me, discord, iFunny, etc.)

No private profiles. I hate shady ass people.

No Trade Bans on your profile.

Comment why your adding me or fuck off thanks.

Legendary Tracer main ;)

My life is a Jojo reference

Jotaro Kujo was the best, fuck off.

Wall of quotes from you dicks

lazyreece2 : Arnude you're fucking gay can you end your life please and thanks xoxoxoxo

trail mix : happy birthday arnude if only you had friends to throw a party

Monaberce - Today at 10:40 PM
If I call you a faggot, it's not cause you're gay, it's because you're being a faggot
Two different things

You guys have given me the greatest years and I'm still going!

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