Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Yeah can we stop using that name please?

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Hooray, you found my profile, congrats!
Here is a little info about me, since I dont like to spread information around, however, usually you can push information out of me in a group chat.

~If you are going to add me, please leave a reason in my Cool comment section first~
・If I already know you, you can add me directly if you want.
・Oh, also feel free to post any copy pasta or shitpost in my comment section, I really love memes.

:2016trophy:As you can see above, Im spanish. Bieeeen.
:2016trophy:Birthday: 20 of June.
:2016trophy:Im not going to tell you my age. Hmpf.
:2016trophy:Nope, not telling you, but since there is only two you can take a guess or let your imagination fly~
:2016trophy:I listen to nothing but to High Quality Videogame Rips!
:2016trophy:I prefer females, but... maybe a good cute boy...
:2016trophy:I would like to draw and let my ideas come to life, or draw some cute boys, but my line art sucks...
:2016trophy:For some reason I really like the japanese culture.
:2016trophy:By the way, I'm learning japanese!
:2016trophy:I love soy for some reason, specially with rice, fill it up with soy!!!!
:2016trophy:I'm kinda lewd and I like double meanings, so you can expect some stuff from this.

And I guess thats pretty much it.
Oh wait if you want to contact me:
:2016trophy: Battle.Net : Anreol#2151 ~I only have Overwatch, but I love it~
:2016trophy:Twitter: @ESAnreol ~I only retweet memes or other dumb stuff~
:2016trophy:Discord: Anreol#8231 ~Thats where I chat, since steam chat sucks~

Last thing, I make maps for Source Engine, mostly TF2, so you can go and ask me, I take map comissions, I really need the money!
I can also draw stuff... but im pretty shitty... so... yeah...


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¡Qué pasa Neng!
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Traps are legit gaey delet yourself pls
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>:[ not nice.
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kys what are you doing weeb xd
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-no homo