Mae   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Im just Another Person That does anything for their friends! here some thing about me just because i want to show how i am =3=

Name: Jakei

Nicknames : Marmelade , Mae , Furry

Sexual Orentation: Bisexual (Im really Bisexual)

Favorite Colors:Pink,black,green,Red,Orage,Blue

Birthday:October 6th

Likes:Sing ,Dance ,Draw,Meeting new people!,Steam Games,Role Playing!.
Dislikes:Idiots, People that need reasons to be added,Annoying People

Relationship Stats: I have a relationship with my Sweeties! Ash And Scarlet ❤

Online-Feel Free To Text me!

On Game- You still can text me but il be slow to give you an answer Mostly on Tf2 or gmod

Occupied- Doing Homework or Hearing music you still can text me but il be really slow to respond ;-;.

Idle-I Never use this but I Use it when im Out of my pc or I Left my pc on

Offline-At School , No Internet or Just Playing Ps4!


Contact me on another way!

Skype:Marmelade (Jakei)

Discord:Marmelade (Jakei)#9433

(I could be a hell to people that hurt my friends... im a demon when someone does that =) )

Family That i care a lot <3 😌:

Scarlet Blood

Lilttle Ol' Furry





Authentic Refrigerator


Im Depressed on the Inside i have a hole on my heart..... But i act that im ok because i dont want no one to be sad...😌Im doing this for their good. not for mine .. i dont care about myself , i care more about my family.
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Scarlet Blood™ May 20 @ 10:27am 
Me and marmelade already dated in a 3 group that turned to 4 wasnt pretty i dont think we should
🦊Marmelade🦊 May 20 @ 9:28am 
;~: this is confusing!
🦊Marmelade🦊 May 20 @ 7:12am 
Is.... Scarlet ok with it?????
Kute kat and coffee May 19 @ 10:14pm 
Marmelade you me and scarlet could all fuck! and date eachcother
🦊Marmelade🦊 May 19 @ 10:08pm 
im reading the Comments , and it makes me get confused. Somehow.
Kute kat and coffee May 19 @ 9:08pm 
But Scarlet i have an idea we could both do it together! we could all date eachother!