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I want to take this opportunity to send a shout out to my mom, my dad,my sister, my uncle, my aunt, my sister again, my grandfather, my great-Great-grandfather, my great grandfather, my lover, my partner, My Amigos my friends, the bagabundo, to the dump, Barbie dolls, Thalia, Whitney, Messi, C. Ronaldo, the lady speed stick deodorizant (idgf if is not this the way you say it), to Ellie ( cause shes so mochi), to reKoN21 ( ROmanian mafiotto) , to Booty ( cause she such a bae), to Jenn ( cause she likes Harry Potter), to ★ Kill pRo ( because he is dealing drugs) to Fuckboy ( because fuck cache), to Thunda ( he sooo niceeee), to Disney, to the computer, my bed, my girls, my cats (Ron-Ron, Honey and Tika), My fish (that i never had), my dog (that one gipsy stole it from me when i was 6 years old), my teacher, to the memes, Spider-man, Tom and Jerry, Kyle Jenner, my book, my tataratatarabue lo, my tataratatarabue , my tataratataratat arabuelo, my tataratataratat Arabuela, to Jessus Christ, to God, to the notebook of natural sciences, Math Notebook, journal of social sciences, to the notebook of music, to the notebook of English, to the notebook of religion, to my holster, my TV, Vegeta, trucks, Gohan, Krillin, Sailor Moon, Hayabusa, Superman, to Mario Phase 2 TO Mario 3 , to Mario 4, to vegeta phase 2, to vegeta phase 3, to vegeta phase 4, phase 2 Trunks, my slippers, my boots mercurial, my neighbor, My neighbor, Obama, Chavez, Britney Spears, Batman, the joker, the penguin, the scarecrow, aliens, Lady Gaga, Shakira, to all those who comment, Chuck Norris, lbananero, to Messi, Ceausescu, Trump, Justin Bieber, Rhi-Rhi, the penalty of Sergio Ramos, to the moon, to Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, To Mercury, Venus, Mars, to the sun, the earth, the big bang, the knights of the zodiac, Scooby Doo, Phineas and Ferb, to Japan, to the animes, Anonymous hackers, Romanians, Alos Colombians, Chileans, Ecuadorians, Brazilians, nicaraguans, hondurans, the venezuelans, Russians,Ukranians, Africans who have already be fatties with so many likes that Send them to the doctors, nurses, teachers, pilots, flight attendants, to the mechanics, the flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, the butterflies, the caterpillars, Jonny Deep ( but not so deep), Fidel Castro, Che Guevera, the zombies, Steve Jobs, the pirates of Samsung, Sharks, Jake the dog and Finn the human, to mad, to jony bravo, chicassuperpoderosas,Laika, The, fluffy, the professor, the mayor, miss beautiful, the teacher Ion, Spongebob, FBI, squidward, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Sandy, the subject of blue's clues, The lady who dropped the bags enlacalleaaaaaa carritosde google maps, yahoo, to messenger, metroflog, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, to the corner of the lazy, the trolls under the bridge, Simpson, fray of Futurama, Lucho, discovery channel, National Geographic, the mithbusters, Jeff Corwin, the crocodile hunter, bear grils, bugs bunny, Daffy Duck, porki, Lola Bunny, Taz, Marvin The Martian, the dove that pissed on me yesterday, to my ex, the neighbor, Americo Vespucci, Hernan Cortez, Montezuma, the maya, your calendar, the huns, Rammstein, Desperadoz, Evanescence, Dora the explorer, boots, Diego, go to the teletubbies, the muppets To those of Narnia, to Hitler, sweep the wolf-dog, the milkmaid, teddy bimbo, to coke, to Avon, my cell, to tequila centenary, kommander, Daddy Yankee, to Pitt bull already your sabeh !, to be part of the club, Christian Bale, to Indiana Jones, the league extraordinary, the chef oropeza. I want to thank everyone who reads this comment medium long including my virtual friends kek. So, everybody, everybody. I want to thank steam, for allowing me to make this comment. To the person that invented steam, his mom, his dad, his grandmother, your grandfather, your dog, your cat and if you have squirrel, too. I want to thank my facebook account for letting me post selfies. I would like to take this opportunity to say hi to all my virtual friends, which have made ma laugh so many times. I want to thank peru, Japan, China, Haiti and all those countries that have suffered natural disasters. I want to thank mark zuckerberg for inventing Facebook (I don't know if this is how you spell your last name). In the end I would like to thank my right hand for flickin so hard.

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Youtube: - Watch my tutorial and give it a try
( beauty tutorial - boobs augmentation solution)
Facebook: thehehe hihihi hehehe - we gotta talk for at least 2 months daily to get this ( only close friends allowed)

Most common questions:

Which accent is that?
- Romanian but i live in Canada

Are you a little boy or a girl? ( I think all the girls get this question, I personally think you need to get the fuck out of your house more often)
- I'm a woman

Is it you in the picture?
- Yes

Who is Dupstylez?
- A saint that died in a plane crash on 11 Oct 2016 , one of the biggest traders and my best friend that left me too early, at 28 years old.
Forever in my :heart:, Dupstylez 11.10.2016

About myself:

Weird person, in a relationship, friendly but not so friendly. Biggest mood swinger of all times. Sometimes people tells me I'm adorable, other times they think I'm retarded. Some other times i scream too much and I think they are right.
I love animals more than humans. I hate everything that is under 24 years old with small exceptions and only for limited time.

I clean my friendlist every month, so feel free to add me if you consider we might get along. I normally play with my bobo squad, so don't feel offended if i don't join your lobby.

:red_ball: This is my second account

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oof i wanna play mm with u
Anna Há 11 horas 
@Salmon sorry, no daddy's here
Salmon Há 11 horas 
add me daddy
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was the best not the best :(
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Hi :) can u sign my profile pls?:)
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need to queue join