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Annie Tea Mood   Irvine, California, United States
I suck at life and am a friendless shitstain. I am a complete waste of space and can't do shit for myself that can help improve my life mainly because I'm such a fucking coward.
I very often have thoughts of killing myself but because I'm such a big wuss I can't bring myself to actually get to doing it so instead I waste my days and thought process thinking how I'm not going to amount to anything worth shit.

"Hey, why don't you get a job? A simple and small one at least?" I had one though that didn't seem to do anything and it's unlikely I'll get another because I'm one who makes fucktarded decisions.
"Why not go to college?" There's no subject that correlates with my interests. I don't even know where my interests really lie nor do I know if they're real. I play a lot of video games but that doesn't really mean I want to take up a career relating to that. Being awful at studying since elementary school doesn't help either if I just chose a random course to go with so there'd be no point in wasting a load of money on something I'd more than likely fail at.

So Annie, congratulations, this is now your life. You've fucked up in the past and now here's you paying for it and then some because you're such a dumb fuck of a human being. You don't get to be sorry either, let alone have a shot at happiness. You're going to live with the guilt, the shame, and the regret for the rest of your life and for your sake I do hope it's a short one. All you've got with you are your stupid, shitty little video games to keep you company because that sure as fuck is totally going to land you to a better life eventually, right?
You've got no one; no one to help you, no one to really support you, and those being nice to you are only pitying you. No one even really likes you anyway. Those around you just tolerate your presence since you never really have anything valuable to contribute.
You show up, they'll wish you didn't. You open your mouth, they'll wish it was kept shut. What in the living fuck could you possibly do to redeem yourself besides killing yourself? I'd suggest that to you but, you know, you're too fucking coward to do even that.

Annie, what are you doing?
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Yes, Vert, as it should be for nearly all games. Otherwise, the standards for what's "fun" will start to get too low.
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Crazy Taxi on Steam.

This Steam version lacks the original music, doesn't have the copyrighted business names such as Pizza Hut & Levi's, has relatively poor performance no matter how strong your PC is, no analog support even though it's a driving game, and other things. Supposedly, this is one of the worst versions of the game out there.
Playing on a keyboard may be problematic due to numerous keys likely needing to be pressed simultaneously. Not all keyboards support that kind of thing so a controller is almost a must. All the control inputs for both keyboard & controller can at least be changed.
The music they replaced Bad Religion and The Offspring with aren't really too bad though but they can at least be replaced via a few methods that involve file conversion & replacing.
All that said, the game is still playable and still feels like Crazy Taxi.

You choose from one of four cabbies to use, each with somewhat different stats that you can learn through experience or from looking online. No one's useless and choosing what cabbie to use just becomes a matter of preference.
The premise of the game is to simply get people where they ask you to within their time limit and earn as much money as you can within the playthrough's time limit. The faster you get to destinations, the longer the playthrough becomes which in turn gets you a bigger score. Each customer is color-coded red, orange, yellow, and green, telling you how far their destination is, which equals the amount of money you get; the farther they need to go, the more you'll earn and vice versa.

The title of the game is pretty telling of what the gameplay is like; the physics are indeed crazy and the gameplay is crazy fast. The physics is both your friend and your enemy; it can either get you to your goals faster or hinder your progress. For the most part, you can use it to your advantage once you get to know how to really play the game. Where it won't work to your advantage is with cars in the game that may pop up in—for example—a blind turn where sudden collissions can slow you down in the weirdest of ways thanks to the game's physics. You can turn down the "traffic difficulty" in the option settings to lessen the amount of vehicles in the game and even decrease/increase the "time difficulty".
If you get really into the game, you can take a bit of time and look up online the very useful hidden mechanics, which there are a bunch of.

In the main menu there's Arcade, Original, and Crazy Box.
Arcade is the original arcade map that you play on. "Original" is actually just its own original map that's much more open and is full of different paths; in turn, that makes it harder than the "Arcade" map, which is a little more linear. The directional arrow on the top screen that normally tell you where to go are pretty often less reliable on Original because of the multiple paths.
Crazy Box is just a set of challenges you can do to possibly get better at the game. Much of their requirements are seemingly impossible but that's only really if you don't know about the hidden mechanics in the game.

The game itself is some great, arcade-y, time attack of sorts fun that rewards skillful play with higher scores. Playthroughs are very often short—much shorter for the less experienced—so replayability is definitely there for those who want to get better at it. While still very much playable, this Steam port however, is a bit of a mess, especially when compared to the console releases. It'ss lacking the classic Crazy Taxi charm so you're almost better off emulating the Dreamcast or GameCube version for a better—if not the best—experience.
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lenikai Oct 23 @ 10:35am 
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Your desc is literally my thoughts every day
FlyLeaf Oct 20 @ 3:52am 
just to let you know guys the steam link is now for sale 98% on ICEY (if you don't trust me search for ICEY in the search)
the LINK costs 0.80 quid or around 1$
please remove my message after u see it xD i feel lazy posting this for everyone in chat
Hakaisha Oct 14 @ 8:09am 
Jeez your introductory text is scary. . . Mainly because they are exactly my thoughts. . .
FlyLeaf Oct 10 @ 5:00pm 
     />  フ
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Have a lovely week! ♥♥♥
Dark Lord Sep 22 @ 2:31am 
where are you? i was in anor londo too and you are not here and on the beggining too it is boring if you want come back and we can do normal duel