Hello steam user or player who has found me, I am John. a 17 year old Freshmen. If you have stumbled across my profile or met me on a game that I might play then hello, and welcome to a description about my life.

I have ADHD. But I won't go into any discussion about that but rather describe on my own personality traits.

One thing is for sure should be known about me at this current momment is that I have a small ego and will not anyone's insult personally.

Another fact about me is that though I do have a small ego and might be not as socially active as I once was Is that I am supportive and emotional person about others emotions and stress that he/she is currently having at the occurring momment.

I don't have the best grammar in the world and take as a laughing stock of this source of "tardiness" I would call it but to grow up it's something a 17 year old freshmen would have to deal with.

And lastly. It may be questionable on if I'm so anti-social to the world now, then why would I have almost approximately 250 friends, well. Here's the thing. I would like to try and know the person first then getting a random friend request to find out they want to use me for items and or bribe me to get them games cause they see on how considerate or gullible I can be. But overall I will friend you, when I get to know you better and see you as a seemingly nice guy to hang around.

More things to know about me is that I can't normally sleep, I attempt to normally but fail in doing so. Because of this, I stay up late and either be on my phone to listen to music/YouTube or moaning and thinking just thoughts that normal people with problems think about.

I also have many tastes in music, but more commonly. Classic rock. But I like other kinds of music as well. I'm open to any music that might be brought upon me as long as it isn't upsetting, or something that doesn't have to much racist words or stereotypical music.

Right now, I'm still going through problems in my life like old pasts, dark ecassions, depressing thoughts and just plain stupidity of my words and grammar. But it doesn't exactly help trying to talk about it. I can't deal with the "don't think about the past and think of the now" casual crap that common people and teachers say in my school. It never helps, so stop constantly saying it! It's just a typical way of saying in my head *I want to make this easier without making this conversation hard, so I'll think of the most common words to say.* If teachers really wanted to help, they would listen, not just think of vague words for the current problem that someone currently has.

Lastly as of right now, I have ADHD, and some other disabilities. One of them is that I can't exactly pay attention to the teacher/subject that's going on without any sort've fiddling tool because I'm kinesthetic=(having something to fiddle/chew to stay productive In class). I can't stay up in night, I can't even tell if it's insomnia=(not having the capability to sleep easy) or that I'm so upset that I want to wash my sorrow away with music/ or sing along with the song. I can't make friends anymore, I used to have friends, take the term "use to" to context because the friends that I had were either the ones who bullied me or just abandoned me because I was gone for too long for being at a private school. The reason I had to go to a private school is because my retardation, and I couldn't catch up with my own grades and did crap and always got a bad grade!

That's all I'm going to list for now. Thanks for having the time for reading this anonymous player or friend. Cya!
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i wuv you bwother <3
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Bark Bark! Woof Woof! Noot Noot! Dog: >_> Penguin: <_< Dog: Wut? >_> Penguin: NOOT NOOT!
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+REP nice trader >>>>>:3
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so i see we have 2 friends in common :P
Pickle Riiiiiiiickk Jul 15 @ 2:40pm 
Yeah, I say the same. Good luck.
SamsungS Jul 15 @ 8:59am 
Man o-o You shouldn't have to deal with that. No one should have to deal with the stuff you are... But you are and we can't fix it ;-; I hope at some point your life flips around eventually man