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In the name of Allah
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When people die, they wake up from deep sleep and they see the real world.....
if they die and they didnt belive in God.........
they will see punishment and be punished forever .......

But people who belived in God, will see a wolrd without fight, war, badness, darkness,sin, without killing,annoying,stealing, jealousing,and ........
that world is a world with real peace........
They have the best lives, they are never sad or agnry, they are never sick ........
yes you right, i am talking about Paradise(Heaven). a world that only God belivers can see that and live there forever.........
but everything will happen after death......

So untill your death try to be good human, try to proud yourself for things you've done, and belive there is a GOD, and then you won't scare from anything, even your death.Trust me and belive there is only one God who created everything and nothing created him.
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Yea pain, muslims are all friends and also brothers.
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Yeah such a brother!
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+rep Nice friend!!
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+Rep Thank god !!