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It was a good run. As of September 2015, I am officially retired from the competitive scene. Thank you to everyone that has helped me get to this point with TF2. I have met many incredible people and crafted strong friendships that will last forever. I wish you all the best and I hope that I can revisit the community as often as possible. Fly away my bovine friends!
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I'm an Angel with a Shotgun. and apparently too...
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UGC Highlander
S7 Iron - 35th Infantry Spy/Sniper [13th]
S8 Iron - 35th Infantry Spy/Sniper [21st]
S9 Steel - 35th Infantry Spy/Sniper/Soldier [18th]
S10 Steel - 35th Infantry Soldier/Scout/Engineer [9th]
S11 Silver - 35th Infantry Soldier/Engineer [43rd]
S12 Silver - 36th Infantry Engineer [41st] -Team Leader-
S13 Gold - Luigi Death Squad Engineer [9th]
All-Stars S13 Gold Engineer
S14 Gold - Luigi Death Squad Engineer [11th]
All-Stars S14 Gold Engineer
S15 Platinum - '92 DREAM TEAM Engineer [10th]
S16 Platinum - Funkblasters Engineer [Left]
S16.5 Platinum - $ilver $avages Engineer [5th]

UGC 6v6
S11 Steel - The Poped Potats Pocket [31st] -Team Leader-
S12 Silver - Inspire Empire eSports Roamer [Disbanded]
S12.5 Steel - Renegades Roamer [21st]
S13 Steel - Karma! Roamer [Left]
S13.5 Silver - Majority Rules Roamer [17th]
S14 Silver - Backyard Allstars Medic [17th]
S15 Silver - PIZZAFORCE9000 Demo [18th]
S16 Platinum - Leftovers Demo [Disbanded]
S16.5 Silver - Memes Esports Demo [26th]
S17 Gold - The Scooby Gang Roamer [8th]
S18 Platinum - Altitude's Cows Demo [2nd]

UGC 4v4
S1 Silver - Bacon Lettuce & Testosterone Medic [34th]
S2 Silver - Get Rid of Slimy Spies Demo/Scout/Sniper [22nd]
S3 Gold - Tenna needs a new gold medal Demo/Medic [21st]
S4 Gold - Sixteen Tons Engineer/Scout [11th]
S5 Gold - 4 Frag Fight Demo [10th]

ETF2L Highlander
S7 Div6 - Latency Issues Engineer [Disbanded]

S19 Open - Elite Pwnage Squad Demo [18th] #1 Pipes in ESEA []

Unlocks Only 6's Roamer
S2 EVL Battle Royale 4s
S1 Highlanger Open The Alpha Gummys Buddy [32nd]
S1 Archimedes Cup The Robo Killers Buddy
eGO Arena Respawn Showdown Soldier/Scout [16th]

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last played on Jul 21
18.4 hrs on record
last played on Mar 27, 2016
hex Jun 11 @ 6:40am 
Hey altitude, I sent you a readd.
Common Jun 2 @ 7:51pm 
what is it like to be good at vide-o games
alphy Sep 21, 2016 @ 8:09pm 
can u mentror me in the engineer class from teamfort?2 i wanna build automatic attack gun
the_007_remix (15day trade hold) Aug 2, 2016 @ 2:48am 
added to ask something if you dont mind bro
ishaboi Apr 24, 2016 @ 12:18am 
yooooo, add meeeeee
[LB] Stairs Mar 27, 2016 @ 3:44pm 
Hello I am looking to join your UGC 6v6 Team. Could you please Send me the details and requirements? Thanks