Aki Ryouichi
ocdonutsteelhuehuehuehue   Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal
Best med drop 2015
I HAVE STEAM NOTIFICATIONS OFF, so i won't reply right after you message me.

Fabulous cunt, huge asshole and a nerd

19:40 - Jubei: 75% of all furry steam names
19:41 - GenericTheOC: A-fucking-men.
19:41 - GenericTheOC: Someone gets it. Thank you,
19:42 - Jubei: You forgot to bookmark it with hearts though.
19:43 - GenericTheOC: And leave all that furry ASCI art too on my profile
19:43 - GenericTheOC: Oh and i have to use an emoticon on every sentence.
19:43 - Jubei: And intentionally misspell things like "luvvu" and "nawh"

21:23 - The Psychotic Snivy: nope
21:23 - The Psychotic Snivy: still a fuckin ginger
21:24 - The Psychotic Snivy: so still annoying
21:28 - GenericTheOC: snivy hates gingers
21:28 - GenericTheOC: confirmed
21:29 - The Psychotic Snivy: well
21:29 - The Psychotic Snivy: THEY'RE FUCKIN ANNOYING
21:29 - The Psychotic Snivy: FUCK EM
21:29 - The Psychotic Snivy: "HEE HEE I'M SO FUNNY"
21:30 - The Psychotic Snivy: and then there's the fact that this ginger shoves a barrage of arrows up your ass

04:39 - Onyxius Ω: "Chroma really is a bad dragon"
04:39 - Onyxius Ω: "not only does he run around naked he prints money"
04:39 - Onyxius Ω: Public Indecency and illegal production of money
04:40 - Aki Ryouichi: He gets naked
04:40 - Aki Ryouichi: And money flows in
04:40 - Aki Ryouichi: Gee
04:40 - Aki Ryouichi: That sure sounds familiar
04:40 - Aki Ryouichi: HMMM
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Im just some crazy guy that enjoys playing video games and swears alot.

P.S Don't add me just for RP\ERP, fuck that shit and yourself.
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A very happy birthday to my favourite serg :>
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Happy bda aki!
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furries are bad
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*boops you* Hi faggurt
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Im gonna ERP and RP the fuck out of you