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♥️ Qey ♥️
Welcome to my profile! State your reason to add me after i accept your request. Scammers, Fake account , Hacker and phispers will be blocked immediately. Thank you for reading 😄

One condition before being friends with me. Try to understand me and I'll understand you because I'm working so don't be a little psycho that message me to play or beg for items. I don't have time to deal with your crap thanks. If you cannot accept this condition, you know what to do. Stop reading this profile and stop wasting time. That's all and we'll see further progress if I accept you truly 🙂

Happy life mate 🤙🏼

Gaming Setup :

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard

Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse

(More to come) 🙂
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Hello lovely stranger. My name is ♪ Tae-Hyun ♪ .You must be wondering what kind of a person i am. Well, I'll tell you.

2018 is going to be a blast!

Name : Kim Tae-Hyun ( Aiden for Nickname )
Race : I'm a mix 😄
Age : Close friends only
Where do i live : Malaysia
Type of person : Depends on your character ☺️
Relationship Status : Taken 💞
Profile Picture : Kim Tae-Yeon ♥
My profession : Nut Nutritionist 🌰
Ambition : Singer 😄
Hobby : Singing 🎵 | Games 🎮

My favourites!
Favorite game : CS:GO & Dota 2
Favorite Arist : Kim Tae-Yeon ♥
Favorite music : ♪ As if it's your last ♪
Favorite Team : Cloud 9
Favorite Player : Stewie2k
Favorite Anime : Naruto Shippuden 🍂
Favorite Instrument : Piano 🎹
Favorite Youtuber : Nick Bunyun
Favorite Color : White

Stuff i do when i'm in these moods 😴

Online : Listening to music or watching videos
In Game : I'm playing duh 🤷🏻‍♂️
Away : Working because i have a life to pursue
Offline : I'm sleeping so please don't disturb :3 🙏🏻

My ranks that i got in CS:GO 🔫
Current Rank : Master Guardian I

➼Silver I: ✘
➼Silver II: ✘
➼Silver III: ✘
➼Silver IV: ✔
➼Silver Elite: ✔
➼Silver Elite Master: ✔
➼Gold Nova I: ✔
➼Gold Nova II: ✔
➼Gold Nova III: ✔
➼Gold Nova Master: ✔
➼Master Guardian I: ✔
➼Master Guardian II: ✘
➼Master Guardian Elite: ✘
➼Distinguished Master Guardian: ✘
➼Legendary Eagle: ✘
➼Legendary Eagle Master: ✘
➼Supreme Master First Class:✘
➼Global Elite: ✘

CS:GO Item Final Wishlist ✨

Item of Choice:
Knife : Karambit ✖️
AWP : StatTrak Asiimov (FT) ✖️
Glock-18 : Wasteland Rebel (FN) ✖️
USP-S : Neo Noir (FN) ✖️
AK-47 : StatTrak Vulcan (FN) ✖️
M4A4 : StatTrak Asiimov (FN) ✖️

Current Knife 🔪


Knife History 🔪

Huntsman Knife Crimson Web (FT)
Shadow Daggers Crimson Web (FT)
Gut Knife Doppler (FN)
Gut Knife Scorched (FT)
Shadow Daggers Boreal Forest (FT)
Shadow Daggers Blue Steel (FT)
Falchion Knife Scorched (FT)
Shadow Daggers Ultraviolet (FT)
Huntsman Knife Stained (MW)

CS:GO Item Wishlist ✨

Knife : Karambit | Bright Water (FT) ✖️
AWP : Asiimov (FT) ✖️
AK-47 : Neon Revolution (FT) ✖️
M4A4 : Asiimov (FT) ✖️
Glock-18 : Water Elemental (FT) ✖️
USP-S : Neo Noir (FT) ✖️

Highlander participant

UGC Highlander Steel Participant

Season 14 & 15

TF2 Item Achievement Wishlist ✨

Unusual :
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Green Energy ✖️

Weapon of choice :
Australium Scattergun ✔️
Australium Sniper Rifle ✔️
Australium Rocket Launcher ✔️

History Unusual

Ye Olde Baker Boy ( Smoking )
Crocleather Slouth ( Aces High )

Trading Life

Finding a way to be one of the best traders in the world

Tell me if you want to trade something and i'll consider it. If i decline your trade, i'm not selling the item, I'll let you know.

Trader for life [⇄]

People who i really need in my life and never want to lose ♥

•1. Qey ♥
•2. ♥ Shyninja ♥
•3. ✎Autumnxd

Words of motivation 😋

Hey, if you think you lose a person that's very important to you, think again. A person's heart will always change and one day they will forgive you. Keep trying and don't give up. I know one day you will get him back. Keep praying for the best.

You'll meet different people in life such as "best friends" who doesn't even text or care about you but still consider you as "best friend". Some are really nice and some are just fucked up cunts . Life is like a wall in front of you. If you pretend to not bump into it, you'll never make any progress in life. Try to not ignore the wall and smash it through. That's how you accomplish life.
I know you can do it mate :3
Much love from

♪ Aiden ♪


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