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Does anyone have a life for sale?
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A short introduction to life, the universe and everything Aespher.
Hi there!

if you don't know me personally, you aren't a mutual friend or have not directly asked to be friends then you probably won't have that nice friend request accepted.

In other words: Randoms Be Gone.

I trade games, cards, and pretty much everything else under the sun, so you can friend me for that. Beware: I do not often lowball and I easily know scams, I am very cautious with my trades.

If you are caught trying to scam me, you can tick me off your list because you are now blocked.

Good Day.

Me when I'm other places:

Bandcamp: aespher.bandcamp
Discord: Aespher #4443
Youtube: channel/UCirzTUZYBxh2JIBl8im6HlQ (Aespher)
Twitch: officialaespher
Steam: ID - Aespher (Prankd)
Twitter: @Aespher
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A collection of Top Trumps by Aespher

Hello, I am Aespher, this is my collection of unconventional Top Trumps.
I like them and I hope you do too because I worked decently hard on them (Ok, maybe not but that doesn't mean no effort was put into them).
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Created by - Aespher
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Lets get one thing straight, I think this is one of the best strategy games I own but there is one really bad problem... well... two really bad problems.

1. The geometry
Ships will constantly phase through each other (especially the star dreadnoughts like the executor) which is annoying but not as rage inducing as:
2. The AI
The AI is terrible, ships never go where you want, the auto resolve button could translate to: Please kill me now i'm an autistic porcupine (I lost the death star and the executor class star dreadnought (The Super Star Destroyer) to home one and a couple of cruisers by pressing that button (It was accidental too...)) and the AI always manage to beat you if your playing against them in a team of three...

Otherwise good game, buy it now!
The gameplay's fluent, the music's good and it's one of the best RTSs ever (In my opinion)
Plus it's based on Star Wars (I know right?!?!)

Edit: Holy moly, they added back multiplayer and added mods in with steam workshop integration. Now I can play one of my favourite games with all of my friends, not only that, I can play mods with all of my friends.

You spoil us, Petroglyph.

One thing, you cannot choose a 4th/5th etc faction in online multiplayer, which is sad, because it limits the mods so that you can only play 3 factions. It's nonetheless a brilliant update which I am so happy with.

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ThePirateOfJamaica Apr 12 @ 9:17pm 
I want to be level 70 now just so I can get that pink circle holy shit its magical
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+rep nice and good trader
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