Abraham ツ
Antti   Oulainen, Oulu, Finland
Please comment down below before adding me. If you dont and we dont have enough friends in common or I dont know you by name, i'll decline your friend request.

A little info about me :
- Graduated as a tourism service producer in december 2016
- I like to drink and play (Should maybe stop, has fucked me over too many times when trading while drunk)
- I got extreamly dark sense of humour
- I'm from Finland
- I got 20years of destroying brainsoles behind me
- Ex-admin on disc-ff [www.disc-ff.com] PropHunt server
- Insanity is friend
- #Shave4Samba 10.03.2015

- Twitter
- Deviant Art profile [abrahamii.deviantart.com]
- What happens when people raid your profile all butthurt [i.gyazo.com]
- Instagram [instagram.com]
- Youtube
- Old/Alt account
- Free dickpic's on my snapchat Abrahamii

Anyhow, If you feel like you should be on my friend list, add me! :goblin:

Magical quotes and chats around the games :knight::
AkoDako : The blues should move as a 16 man unit designed specifically to kill Abraham
Clownophobia : Even my chesthair couldnt save me.
Mr.Turtle : Abraham and i have our own personal giant pink bedazzled horse dildos
Lcky | Ocheu : I would fuck abra anyday
smocaine : its abe the jews fault (get mad scrub :goblin:)
KudrnatýDítěSPonoškouAHraje : i will report him to gaben and he will get VAC BANNED
Ian226 : my aim is good when abra isnt on it

Charizard : Ive got 99 problems...
Abraham ツ : But a beer aint one.
(Definitely not a drunken abra talking.)

Abraham ツ: My pic is more swag than yours
Abraham ツ: Deal with it fuckface
Tensenuma: you spelt fag wrong
Abraham ツ: I deserved that.

[FF'A]Abrahamツ : This shit just wont stop coming out of my nose
West : What shit?
[FF'A]Abrahamツ : Spaghetti.

Shadow: he was secretly preparing his nuke
Shadow: bench made him mess it up cuz he got paranoid
[FF'A] Abraham ツ: lmao
[FF'A] Abraham ツ: #paranoidprank #gonesexual ?
Shadow: what
Shadow: wtf have you been watching xD
[FF'A] Abraham ツ: Ive seen some shit man
[FF'A] Abraham ツ: Ive seen some shit..
Shadow: you should get some help man

JakXster: have you ever got drunk?
[FF'A] Abraham ツ: Not really

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Abraham ツ Aug 19 @ 2:24am 
Shh dont tell 'em about my master plan
Your Pal Ross Aug 18 @ 11:04pm 
Abraham ツ: I wasnt gonna shoot you, I was going to force you to use me as a buttplug and poison you through your urethra
Abraham ツ Jul 27 @ 6:39am 
Dicks and ducks communicating via sign language
Vix Jul 26 @ 8:36am 
What kind of fuckery did I miss <3
Abraham ツ Jul 14 @ 2:12pm 
Alcohol & army
Your Pal Ross Jul 14 @ 7:50am 
hi abra waddup