Aaron J. B. ( F. )   Tennessee, United States
   💫 ⭐️ 🌟 W E L C O M E- T O -M Y -P R O F I L E 🌟 ⭐️ 💫
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Please judge me base on the groups I join. I literally spam the join group button and I don't bother to look at some groups I join. (If you guys invite me to a group I'm fine with it as long as it is appropriate for my age.)

\(^-^)/ This is my friends list extender which helps me friend more people.

Active Stats:
Online - Afk, asleep, or just trying to see what to play.
Away - Afk, asleep, at school, or gone somewhere, so don't text me.(might get me in trouble at school.)
Busy - Doing something important, or just can't be bothered.( mainly homework, so don't invite or CALL me when this is up.)
Offline - Asleep, at school, or playing game and doesn't want to be bothered or disturbed.
Looking to Trade/Play - Hardly ever used. \_(:/)_/

I like to play tf2 gmod ps3 wii u 3ds and im a nice guy, just dont peeve me off. (Which will be hard to do)
You can send me a friend request anytime as long as u idk something i rlly dont care. Peace out!
Oh yeah and another thing is that im not accepting trade request right now .
I probably won't be here for a while too. Btw sometimes i change my profile pic based off the player i play as. So it might be hard to find me sometimes.
Don't be scared to talk to me or send me a friend request, I'm not one of those people that would be like "who are you ,why did you send me a friend request, or what do you want," that makes me nervous and I don't want you guys to feel like that too. So feel free to send me a friend request or group invite. Also don't friend me if your profile is private»only if I see your okay to friend so you won't spam invites.
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️: If you guys don't like squeakers well just be nice and tell me if I'm hurting your ears, my voice tends to crack sometimes when I get surprised or scared (^w^'). ( even though I don't have a HIGH pitched voice, or at least what some people say)

Most Played Game:
Team Fortress 2, Terraria, Unturned, Gmod

Drawing and meeting new people. Looking at art.
I also like being invited to all these nice groups.(well i wouldn't say them all are nice [ ^-^' ]) Looking for a friend or 2. :3

Doesn't Like:
Match Make/MVM/Competative( TeamFortress2 )
Having a full friends list (You can still send me friend request ,it's okay if your shy. I'll try to make room for yuh)

Little Thing You Might Want Too Know:
Please don't be shy to add me, I'm fine with anything you do or "what you are." As long as you are nice.
(Please don't try voice chatting me. I like texting instead.)

PS3 Username:

What I Play On PS3:
LBP2 ( Little Big Planet 2 )

Relative's Account:
ISB-AJB (my lil' bro)
swat commando 11 (my lil' cousin)

Some of My Nicknames:
dingo (that means you too Chief)
•Wolfy (depends)
Brony ,or Fuzzball (I will kill you is you call me these)
• 💪(ō^õ)👈 Back off, I got MOSCLES. XD

What You See Me As In-Game:
Teamfortress 2 - Medic ,Scout ,Pyro
Garry's Mod - Bandit, or Sherif, guy with football helmet and a scarf(I'm not the best fashion designer) also a Danky Minature Combine
BattleBlock Theater - (• - •)
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last played on May 27
AJB-ISB 2 hours ago 
AJB-ISB 2 hours ago 
A lot of space (➖〰➖)
Kilkith 8 hours ago 
space....i like space....so much space......SPAAAAAACE.
Outertale Sans 12 hours ago 
Hey AJB how do you feel about outer space?
Outertale Sans 19 hours ago 
̿ ̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ come at me i'm ready
AJB-ISB May 25 @ 7:33pm