Aalmena (Al-me-na) is a Draenei who is Half Draenei and Half-Eredar Succubus. She is a tall and well built example of her exotic race and she shows that with pride as she wears mostly very revealing clothing or just usually her underwear (which can be seen in the first image below).

A unique feature of Aalmena's is her human-like eyes. Aalmena's skin is dark blue which seems to be a darker hue than most Draenei and has long, flowing blue hair, she tries to keep it clean and shiny. She seems to take care of her horns which always seem to shine. Her lips are luscious and she likes to wear make up that compliments her skin and hair color. Her muscular body is complimented with a set of G sized breasts, a huge ass and a wide set of hips. She has a tattoo right over her pussy which she seems to have embedded with some magic to let her grow a massive 15 inch cock that is in a shape of a human's but at times she changes it into that of an equine's. Along with the difference of her cock she might or might not also grow a giant set of balls, but sometimes she just grows a cock and leaves her pussy as an open hole while having sex. Her pussy gets wet from many kinds of stimuli and it's a great sight to see, because of her fat mons. Due to her figure and heritage she has a tendency to seduce people for a quick round of fun, her tongue is good at persuasion and at many other things from kisses to massages. She is a very flirty girl that utilizes every bit of her beauty for her own gain or just some fun, but making her angry can land you into a world of pain. Aalmena is in a open relationship with Lhinthel with whom she shares similar interests from romance to fetishes so she isn't all about a quick fuck but she also loves the more gentle side of love. She is a Pansexual so she can have sex with just about anyone and she prefers straightforward people who don't mess around and approach her for what they want, be it a little date followed by some lovemaking or just a quick fuck.

Her muscles were built in the field of battle as she fought of orcs on her home world of Draenor and in combat she found her fascination with being strong and having fun seeing those who she saw as unworthy of a normal life, suffering. Her fighting habits turned into fetishes as she has sex with many partners even if most of them were women she had sexual encounters with men, some of them were seen as unworthy of her and she castrated them. Aalmena finds pleasure also in submission, but this seems to be a rare case.

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How do you feel about mares ?