Some cunt named Aadne   Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
You no one can call you no - "Bloodyoneself" some russian fag 2015
Future "game" developer in making + 3D model artist. I am not perfect, but I am learning! :')

21:55 - Senior Dova: dick
21:56 - Mr Black: i am what i eat
21:56 - Mr Black: wait
21:56 - Mr Black: FUCK
21:56 - Mr Black is now Offline.

Barrack Obama: hey man
Dovafox: Whatsup Barrack Obama, whats your opinion about the new president? ;)
Barrack Obama: fuck off
Barrack Obama left

Dovafox: are you planning to become a developer?
Nathb: no
Dovafox: then why are you playing game dev tycoon
Nathb: oh jeez, i didn't know being a developer was sliding bars up and down
Nathb: fuck off

yames: age sex location
Ben Affleck: ..
Ben Affleck: I am 41 years old
Ben Affleck: I am a man
Ben Affleck: And I am from Berkeley in California
Ben Affleck: I am batman

12:55 - Dovafox: but what if the earth orbits the sun?
12:55 - yames: thats a later question
12:56 - yames: smart question though
12:56 - yames: first we do the maths
12:56 - yames: andromeda is 0.75mpc away from us
12:56 - yames: now using the hubble constant of 2 x 10^-18
12:56 - yames: AND
12:56 - yames: the windows calculator
12:56 - Dovafox: another question
12:56 - Dovafox: what if your mom orbits my dick?
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