ARitz Cracker
Aritz   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The best part of being a dreamer is when your dreams come true.
(Also, I do not accept random invites! :c Read Below)
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I am ARitz Cracker!
I do not accept random invites!
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About myself
My name is Aritz Beobide-Cardinal, but most people call me ARitz Cracker. I love to create things! Technological things like programs, websites, game mods, apps, electronic circuts, robots, 3D Printers and... well... a lot more!

I currently work as a freelance programmer, and I'm in the process of starting my own company. My ultimate goal is to help make people's lives better through the things I create... with no compromises!
I like to believe that everything I create is a stepping-stone towards my future. A future where I'm not just defying convention, but defining it.

Anyway, that's just a little bit of information. See you in the future!

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Toomy aka Kazoo kid 3 hours ago 
Hi.. i just want to ask if you have some content for your arcbank?
Damien 15 hours ago 
I need to talk to you via steam or whatever else.
Div Jun 23 @ 11:51am 
Hi, Aritz.
I would like to personally ask you, if I may talk with you via steam, discord, anything. I'd like to resay everything.
Div Jun 23 @ 9:35am 
I'm sorry I created an alt account.
Obitus Jun 7 @ 7:57am 
Hi there, I saw you were reading my unban appeal on GMODSTORE. Do you think I deserve a second chance?
Toxic - Jun 7 @ 7:02am 
Wanted to directly talk to you, think you know why.