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PJX   Germany
Hey look buddy, I'm a mapper and an
engineer main
. I solve practical problems on the battlefield.

I'm also active in the workshop and helping out the official TF2 wiki. I'm apperantly also an Hammer entity Wizard (according to many people)
!Created gamemodes inside of maps, without the need of server plugins!
If you wanna ask me something, feel free to do so :)


- "Dustbowl Classic" - stopped
- MvM_Neon (For TF2maps's contest)

My Youtube Channel
Currently Online
¸.•*´¨`*•.WELCOME STRANGER.•*´¨`*•.¸

About me

Hey there! I'm PJX, a 21 y/o mapper, you can see my previous work above

Name: I'm a robot
Age: 21
Country: Germany
Languages: german, english, broken spanish
Fav Games: Team Fortress 2 , Borderlands 1 + 2, Quake, Doom, "DLC"Day 2
Main: Engineer
Casual Level: 134
Competitive Level: 1

Basic steam status guide

Online: Feel free to hit me up with a message
Busy: Mostly in Hammer Editor, you can message me, but I won't reply as fast
Away: AFK or outside doing stuff, will get to your message as soon as i'm back
Offline: Sleeping or at work
Looking to (...): Never used these options

Why don't you accept my friend invite??

Please comment down below first before you add me, I will most likely not accept your request if there is no reason behind it (Unless I know you). If you just want to chit chat a bit, head on over to my Steam group

What do I mostly do in Hammer?

I'm mostly creating new gamemodes inside of maps, meaning that you don't need any server plugins to run and play these gamemodes, such as "Skeleton Survival" or "The Heist mode" or "The Wipeout Racing mode" or "The Underdome mode"

Want to message me?
Chit chat: Please refer to the steam Group
For business enquiries: pjfan909@web.de

Maps I've made

- ctf_2fort_tfc
- ctf_well_classic
- ctf_epicenter
- sd_push
- pass_push
- tr_craft
- tr_karma
- tr_karma_event
- tr_karma_xmas
- tr_karma_frontline
- tr_karma_night
- ctf_monkey_l
- sv_nacht_der_untoten
- sfm_cliffdiner
- dm_longest_yard
- sv_Der_Riese

Yes, I do take commissions sometimes

Very special person in my life

Congratiulations! You made it to the end!



Recent Activity

431 hrs on record
last played on Aug 16
288 hrs on record
last played on Aug 14
Have a Good Weekend
Doff Jul 26 @ 12:47pm 
i saw you in a video
Kenzzoencis Jul 22 @ 7:16pm 
Hi! im adding you because one, i want to donate steam items to you. this is my first time donating AND trading, so don't be surprised if the items are not that good, because as i said, this is my first time doing stuff like this. two, because i want to make more friends :D
Un seau Jul 20 @ 11:17pm 
Added for a collab on the 72hr jam perhaps?
2OG Jul 18 @ 11:38am 
added for trade
aylmao Jul 18 @ 11:13am 
Love the Undead Mod,Keep up the great work mate! :D