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James Dean   United States
Welcome to my Profile!

About me
My name? James Dean
Im just another person here on Steam with a love for games, music, art, and a lot of other things.My Favorite music would be Rap

Friend Request
I love to make new friends, but if we never spoke or interacted in any way, please, leave a comment saying who you are and why you want to add me.

Trading? Sure! I love to trade, especially for Team Fortress 2 Items. If you have anything else to give me, a background, trading cards, or items for another game i will gladly trade them aswell. Aslong as i can sell them.
Your Profile & Inventory Must Not Be Private.
You Must Be Above Steam Level 10.
I Won't Downgrade Unless You're Willing To Overpay.
I Will ALWAYS Check The Price.
I Will NEVER Go First.
Don't Attempt To Scam Me.

When it comes to games i play a lot of them, and from all kinds of genres. Open world, puzzle, RPG, action, adventure, FPS, Survival, the list goes on. I also really enjoy shooter games!

Playing with friends
You want to play a game with me on Steam? Sure, why not. If im not doing anything at the moment and i have the time id love to!

Favorite games
Here on steam I have a few favorites, Team Fortress 2, Payday 2, Rainbow Six Seige and CSGO
In-Game - This one speaks for itself
Online - Im just online.
Away - Im gone for a bit, but i will be back in no time
Busy - Doing something important, please do not disturb me

You can always hit me up if you wanna talk or have a question. I'll do my best to help you!
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Mr.Toasty Oct 18 @ 6:16pm 
Yo u sammer u samed banned 4 lyfe
Posh Pug [Head Broker] Oct 16 @ 2:56pm 
so the backpack.tf price on that hat was only 10 keys which is less than 20 bucks in the first place. So wherever youre getting 50 from is beyond me
LGC Dope Oct 16 @ 2:42pm 
well dude it was but that 25 usd was my falut the other one that you owe me is scamming so please can i have my 25usd back
Banned4Lyfe Oct 16 @ 1:44pm 
I thought it was $50 USD?
Posh Pug [Head Broker] Oct 16 @ 1:19pm 
Lol must be ruff
LGC Dope Oct 16 @ 1:15pm 
i got 7 and he paid for it with 10 and your fucking dumb he took 10 k from me and bought a strange sniper