Dr. Dream Whisper
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Dream Whisper, my real Gamer name, but you can call me Dr. Dream or Mr. Dream; or whatever you want un prasing my name! Just don't call me bad names that i might have to ignore you!

I am also a very dedicatd TF2 Player, with plans to do some competive later! I main Medic alot, while favoring Enginear and Spy. I do happen to sometimes desires to trade for cool stuff if you got my kind of hats, weps, etc. I do not favor Scammers, Cheaters, "hackers", haters, etc. so please go away!

I am also my Fimfiction (Brony) username for my first fanfiction "Fallout Equestria: His-Story"! You can check it out here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/274425/fallout-equestria-his-story
as it currently a work-in-progress. Also planned to work some more SFM projects, mabye a major side-story with the fanfiction in stores later! All of Fallout Equestria concept belongs to Kkat, along with both crossover belong to their major franchise (Especially since my fanfiction was inspired by Fallout 4)! I hope you enjoy it as well!!

I have big plans also to create for the tf2 comunnity a new hat that get added in the game, along with other big projects along the way. I have plans to do alot of SFM, rathers it to make poster for me and my fanfiction; or for you and my dedicated fans on what ever kind of work you want! (Maybe a little Trade Fee, if i don't know you!)

What you will see from me is being mostly fair and fun type of guy, while being a hardcore and seroius player. I will do anything for a great time with fellow gamers like all of you, as a communtity and as a part of it!
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Justin May 1, 2015 @ 8:16pm 
+rep BEST TRADER :))