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V³ | stew:
pug: Don't ever send me that again.
V³ | stew: HAHAHAHA
V³ | stew: you seem upset
pug: Don't ever send me that again.

V³ | stew: wanna play sum mvm
pugg: I hate mvm
V³ | stew: :(

Chris The Mailbox Player: i broke my dick
V³ | stew: lol
V³ | stew: really
Chris The Mailbox Player: yes
V³ | stew: HOW
Chris The Mailbox Player: idk
Chris The Mailbox Player: i1t just
Chris The Mailbox Player: hap[pens
V³ | stew: LOL

V³ | stew: nice steam name
Jacey's deep gaping wide vagina: thx

Kasekii(Spy main) - Yesterday at 7:25 PM
can someone give me one ref ?
Sentry Gun ( Engi Jman ) - Yesterday at 7:26 PM
Send the offer to me I will except
kakashi(Medic sub) - Yesterday at 8:43 PM
can someone give me ten keys?
Sentry Gun ( Engi Jman ) - Yesterday at 8:46 PM
why do you need 10 keys?
kakashi(Medic sub) - Yesterday at 8:46 PM

svetlana: Anybody up for a
l a t e n i g h t s n a c k ?

s t e w: hi
-W3E- Kakashi: hi
s t e w: ha drugs
-W3E- Kakashi: you selling me some?

s t e w | i need stuff for my box of things
s t e w | sbut
s t e w | i dont wanna force it
s t e w | ya know?
supreme: you're retarded
s t e w | :(

-W3E-Kakashi - Yesterday at 8:43 PM
Your so hot, I could roast my meat on you.

*DEAD* Jesus : and i shall forgive the sins of someone today..if they do one tihng for me...
*DEAD* stew : ok mayng
*DEAD* Jesus : suck my holy dong

12:18 PM - stew: ready
12:18 PM - supreme: yeah
12:18 PM - supreme: but
12:18 PM - supreme: can i have
12:18 PM - supreme: some pizza
12:19 PM - stew: me and mom ate all of it
12:19 PM - stew: sorry
12:19 PM - supreme: fuck

Large Shake with Fries - $5.99 : traps are gay, but gay is superior

[CW] This is Class Warfare: Red Heavy vs Blue Soldier
Purple : its the cold war
BuffedAmbush : alright, who microwaved the cold war?

☭SeizeTheMeansOfProduction☭ : opening a spectrum case this game xd
☭SeizeTheMeansOfProduction☭ has opened a container and found: USP-S | Neo-Noir
☭SeizeTheMeansOfProduction☭ : MG
☭SeizeTheMeansOfProduction☭ : ASHFKAHJKEAEAFJK
☭SeizeTheMeansOfProduction☭ : HAHAHAHA
Ricknonymous : uh
Rick Sanchez : dude nice
k1w0 : what the fuck
*DEAD* ☭SeizeTheMeansOfProduction☭ : DUDE

"With right triangles we are unstoppable" -My Geometry Teacher

Mega smart : scrim machine broke
The Beast From The East : understandable
lil pump ooo lil pump yah : no
raf -iwnl- : can the eng repair it

*DEAD* -WET- Corkscrew : remember, it's only gay if you're gay
Mr. Mints : lol

Sergeant Michael J. Buckets: is this actually a christian server or are they messing around
The Beast From The East: no they are hardcore christian
The Beast From The East: thats the main reason why i am christian
The Beast From The East: how do you think I got so good at rocket jumping?
Sergeant Michael J. Buckets: are you fr or what
Sergeant Michael J. Buckets: i cant tell bc im dumb

The Beast From The East: btw that conversation is going in the box
Sergeant Michael J. Buckets: what
The Beast From The East: on my profile
Sergeant Michael J. Buckets:
Sergeant Michael J. Buckets: put that part in
The Beast From The East: no

nobsx: emp isnt electromagnetic pulse, is epic minecraft porn

(TEAM) micha1 : what if for your drug test you nut in the cup instead of peeing

da beast from da east: 2k points on my modest
dan (rael): its easy to get points on hats
dan (rael): if you fart you get like +10
da beast from da east: LUL

dan (rael): put that in ur box idiot
dan (rael): x
dan (rael): d
dan (rael): x
dan (rael): d
dan (rael): xd
dan (rael): xd
bum: no
dan (rael): bum: no
bum: put that in your box
dan (rael): thats goin in the box
bum: wat

stew - Today at 5:57 PM
yo @the gigabrain [BROKER] broker my uncraftable axtinguisher?
the gigabrain [BROKER] - Today at 5:57 PM
i bang ur mum

Use Buffs, Retard : I went to go flip my fucking meat and you guys lose

L I T T L E B I T C H V I N - Yesterday at 9:22 PM
are you a bit tipsy or something dude
Shirt Burner (pinwheelguy) - Yesterday at 9:23 PM
Wait a minute

GFBIGFAN - Yesterday at 10:10 PM
I got this new anime plot. Basically there's this high school girl except she's got huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big ol' tonhongerekoogers. what happens next?! transfer student shows up with even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.

Deliciouslyexplosive - Today at 8:06 AM
I had a dream last night where my discord name got changed to "Hillary Clinton". There was a reason why but I forgot lmao

Pocket Sized - Yesterday at 8:13 PM
if there is one thing anybody must know about me
it is that i fucking
pipe organs

Patrick - Today at 12:23 PM
I don't
stew - Today at 2:06 PM
Ban him please
Alex Hironaka - Today at 2:06 PM

entro : Pretzels are in fact satan personified in a salty snack

:thonk:: Hey Adam
:thonk:: What did you make for lunch
:thonk:: I want to brag about what I madr
dan: i just had breakfast
dan: wtf
dan: WAIT IT'S 1;46 WTF
:thonk:: lmaooo
dan: what have i done all day

Ping King: play an game?
stew: yeah sure
stew: im gonna eat lunch first though
Ping King is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
Ping King: false
stew: false?
Ping King: i am make joke
stew: haha yes
stew: alright ill be back in like 15 mins
Ping King: penis

bachchain: can't have your cave smelling like fish

svetlana ♕: hi am russian single
svetlana ♕: want to sex
stew: hi russia
stew: open bob and vageen
svetlana ♕: put 1 foot pinus in vagene u will happy
stew: send 500,00,00 bitcoin currency to me or hotel is lock down
svetlana ♕: please kis my pusse for 2 hrs

svetlana ♕ (scert) Jun 14 @ 8:03am
+rep kinda gay

svetlana ♕ (scert) Sep 3 @ 11:15am
+rep still kinda gay

*DEAD* EmptySquash : early ur a pussy
early : lol
bao_ : he is what he eats

lvt.Xieso : chad youre a god
bao_ : ?
lvt.Xieso : will you sign my panties
*DEAD* Chad : thanks
*DEAD* Chad : yes

*DEAD* bao_ : chad
*DEAD* Chad : yes
*DEAD* bao_ : can you sign my water
*DEAD* baptized in fire : chad
*DEAD* Chad : sure
*DEAD* baptized in fire : more like
*DEAD* baptized in fire : bad

RubyLannister : can't blow balloons anymore without being murdered in cold blood

miss me with that straight shit : dietarydrake25 better get his candy ass in this fuckin server

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